Episode 106: "Where No One Has Gone Before" 

The U.S.S. Enterprise and crew travel to uncharted territory when a test on the ship's propulsion system backfires and blasts the starship more than a billion light years from their own galaxy. The blame for the mishap is originally placed on Kosinski, an arrogant Starfleet propulsion expert. However, it is eventually discovered that the mental powers of the Traveler, a meek, humanoid alien (acting as the propulsion expert's assistant), was the true catalyst for this potential catastrophe.

Complicating the dilemma of being lost in space, the physical and mental world are integrated in this galaxy what the crew thinks becomes real. After seeing his crew as well as himself experience alternate realities, the Captain orders the passengers of the starship to control their thoughts.

To make matters worse, their only hope of returning to their own galaxy lies in the mental abilities of the alien, who is exhausted and dying. Captain Picard and crew soon discover they must focus their thoughts on the assistant's recovery in order to discover a way back to their galaxy.

Production: 106
Season: 1 Episode: 5
Air Date: 10.26.1987
Stardate: 41263.1
Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan Frakes as William Riker
Brent Spiner as Data
LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge
Michael Dorn as Worf
Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher
Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi
Denise Crosby as Natasha (Tasha) Yar
Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher
Eric Menyuk as Traveler
Stanley Kamel as Kosinski
Data uses a contraction in"Where No Man Has Gone Before" - After they shot out of the galaxy and were looking at all the nice special effects outside, Data said something like, "It's beautiful".

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"Where None Have Gone Before"

Written by
Diane Duane
Michael Reaves

Directed by
Rob Bowman

Copyright 1987 Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights

This script is not for publication or reproduction. No one
is authorized to dispose of same. If lost or destroyed,
please notify the Script Department.


JULY 30, 1987

STAR TREK: "Where None... " -- REV. 7/31/87 -- CAST

"Where None Have Gone Before"


PICARD                                TRANSPORTER CHIEF
RIKER                                                     KOSINSKI
DATA                                                        ARGYLE
TROI                           ASSISTANT (aka TRAVELER)
BEVERLY                            FIRST CREWMEMBER
TASHA                                        MOTHER PICARD
GEORDI                              MALE CREWMEMBER
WESLEY                        FEMALE CREWMEMBER

Click this link to view the complete script in a TXT format