· Star Trek folklore maintains that the year after NBC cancelled the original series, the networks changed their system of measuring ratings from one in which the total number of viewers mattered, to one in which the composition of the audience was assessed. In analyzing the data which showed that Star Trek had enjoyed a strong following among young males, one of the advertising industry’s most avidly sought group of consumers. An NBC executive is reported to have said that if the network had based its decisions on demographics one year earlier, Star Trek would never had been canceled.

· Roddenberry recalled the 1970’s as lean years. He often told the story that, at one point in that period, he could have purchased all the rights to the original Star Trek for only $100,000  -  at that time a sum he could not come close to raising. But during the lean seventies, Roddenberry found he could augment his income by making appearances at a rapidly growing phenomenon, the Star Trek convention.

· “Star Trek: The Next Generation” borrowed its theme music from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979).

· According to Mike Okuda, if you look closely at the Enterprise during the fly-by in the opening credits, you can see someone walking past one of the windows. This person is Captain Picard. (Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine #60)

· The junkyard in "Unification II" consisted mostly of ships dragged out from wherever Mike Okuda could find 'em. Some of the models included: models from the unmade "Star Trek: Phase II" series, models from ILM that were never used, models of the Enterprise that didn't come out of the mold right, and a very unusual looking Enterprise. Some of the models were designed by Greg Jein and Robert McCall.

· "A Matter Of Time" was written partially because Robin Williams, a fan of the show, wanted to appear. However, when the script was ready for shooting, Robin was unavailable, so Matt Frewer was cast instead.

· The shuttle Onizuka, which Data used in "Ensigns of Command", was named in tribute to one of the Space Shuttle "Challenger" astronauts.

· For "Relics", it was impossible to re-use the original bridge, partially because it was broken up and destroyed after the original series. Instead, they used a captain's chair and helm/navigation console build by a Star Trek fan named Steve Horch. The only other part that was built was from about a foot to the left of the turbolift to the end of Scotty's engineering station, as well as the railing that separates that from the center of the bridge. Also, the Con and Ops chairs were look-alikes, and are tilted back more than the real ones. The rest was a still from "This Side of Paradise", not "The Mark Of Gideon". Also, the Aldebran Whiskey was actually Hi-C Ecto Cooler.