It was the second season episode “Contagion” that Captain Picard first ordered “Earl Grey, hot.”



Jeffrey Combs auditioned for the role of William T. Riker, and later went on to play roles in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, “Star Trek: Voyager”, and “Enterprise.”



Ranks and Insignia

On the next generation, the following uniform colors represent which division a person is in:

Medical Corps and Sciences


Navy Blue (?)

Security and Engineering


Mustard Yellow

Command and Navigation


Wine Red

Vice Admiral - Gold rectangle with three circle in it. (Redemption II and Chain of Command I). (UV) Apparently, the number of circles corresponds to the number of "stars" the admiral has.

Captain - Four solid gold circles

Commander - three solid gold circles

Lieutenant Commander - two solid gold circles and one empty gold circle

Lieutenant - two solid gold circles

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) - One solid gold circle and one empty

Ensign - One solid gold circle

- Two silver rectangles (worn by Kosinski in "Where No One Has Gone Before")

Cadet - Various black stripes depending on group assignment. (First Duty)

NOTE: During seasons one or two, some of the pips were in silver.

NOTE: There have been inaccuracies with the pips and ranks, especially with the rank of O'Brien.

According to Gene Roddenberry, there are no enlisted ranks in Starfleet. However, in "Family", Sergei Rozhenko (Worf's foster father) mentions something about meeting another Chief Petty Officer. Later on, in the same episode, Sergei mentions that he, an enlisted man, managed to raise an officer. Also, in "The Drumhead", the part-Romulan, part-Human medical technician said that he was so anxious to get into space, he decided to forgo the Academy and, instead, become enlisted. This will indeed contradict what Gene has said.

In "Future Imperfect", some of the ranks in effect 15 years from season 4 are:

Admiral - Four Gold Bars
Captain - Four Silver Bars

The other ranks are based upon the "normal" TNG ranks. They are formed by substituting a bar for a solid circle and a narrow bar for an empty circle. The rank is part of the insignia/communicator.