When a writers strike hit the series at the start of the second season, several plots from the proposed late 70s series ‘Star Trek: Phase II’, which was dropped in favor of the movie “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” were hurriedly dusted off and adapted for the Next Generation. The following are the plots recycled:

· “The Child”

· “Devils Due”



Working Titles

  • "Love Beyond Time And Space" -> "Haven"
  • "Where None Have Gone Before" -> "Where No One Has Gone Before"
  • "Unconditional Return" -> "11001001"
  • "The Shroud" -> "Skin Of Evil"
  • "Time To The Second" -> "Time Squared"
  • "Send In The Clones" -> "Up The Long Ladder"
  • "Beyond Tomorrow" -> "Legacy"
  • "When Honor is Lost" -> "Reunion"
  • "It Can't Happen Here" -> "The Drumhead"
  • "Paradise" -> "The Host"
  • "Civil Wars" -> "Half a Life"
  • "To The Nth Degree" -> "The Nth Degree"
  • "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" -> "In Theory"
  • "Barriers" -> "New Ground"
  • "Terror In Ten-Forward" -> "Power Play"
  • "Q and I" -> "Q-Me" -> "True Q"
  • "The Good Fight" -> "Preemptive Strike"