Biography for Marina Sirtis

Nickname: Rina

Height: 5' 4" (1.63 m)

Marina Sirtis was born to Greek parents, who didn't want her to become an actress. As soon as Marina completed high school, she secretly applied to the Guild Hall School of Music and Drama. After her graduation, she worked in musical theater, repertory and television. In 1986 she moved to L.A. For 6 months she tried to audition for parts, but was unsuccessful. Just as she planned to go back home, she got the part of Counselor Troi in “Star Trek: The Next Generation. In 1992 she married Michael Lamper, a rock guitarist.

She is a big fan of soccer club Tottenham Hotspur.

She is a big soccer fan because her little brother, Steve, plays this sport in Greece.

After her audition for the “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, Marina felt her audition was unsuccessful and was just about to jump on a flight home to London. Only minutes before she did so, they called back and told her she had gotten the part of Counsellor Deanna Troi.

Played the stewardess in the now classic and famous Cinzano Bianco advert staring Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins. You may remember the end where Rossiter pats the arm of Joan Collin's seat causing it to suddenly    recline and she ends up throwing the drink her own face. "Ah, getting your head down. Good idea." he says.

Brent Spiner was a groomsman at her wedding.

Through the Fire (2002) is a sitcom pilot episode written by Marina's best friend, Michael Dorn, and features Marina. At present, it has not been sold to a Network.

Wore black colored contact lenses throughout Star Trek's seven year run and the films because her character had black eyes. Marina's eyes are light brown.

Has attended conventions in Alberta, Canada at least four times as of June 2004. She has visited Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; and Vulcan,   Alberta.

Last name is pronounced "Sir-tay" (June 2004)