Maybe I am just too young, or too old, but I never saw Dr. Beverly Crusher coming across as a “striptease queen”  This is just another baffling example of Mr. Roddenberry acting out his repressed sexual feelings.



Say what you want about Wil Wheaton’s performance in TNG, but I thing he did a very good job with the material given to him. The Wes character could have come across as a complete geek, or worse, could have become some sort of comical character, a 24th century URKEL. These character problems could stem from the fact that the Wes character was, admittedly, Gene’s own alter ego being acted out. Wesley is. After all, Gene Roddenberry’s own middle name.


Wesley Saves The Day....

"The Naked Now" - Wesley modifies a tractor beam into a repulser beam to push the Enterprise away in order to give Data the extra time needed to reinsert the chips.

"Where No One Has Gone Before" - Wesley is the only one to notice that the traveler is phasing.

"The Battle" - Wesley discovers the Ferengi transmissions which are affecting Picard.

"The Big Goodbye" - Wesley fixes the holodeck because his mother is in there.

"Datalore" - Wesley realizes that Lore is impersonating Data

"Peak Performance" - Wesley's experiment is beamed onto Riker's ship, giving the ship the necessary power to "save the day".

"The High Ground" - Wesley comes up with a way to track the dimensional shift of the terrorists.

"Ménage à Troi" - Wesley identifies a signal as resembling a Betazoid gong, helping to save Lwaxana Troi, Deanna Troi, and Riker from the Ferengi ship.

"Final Mission" - Wesley is able to get past the guardian of the well and get water for Captain Picard.

"The Game" - Wesley realizes the true purpose of the game and repairs Data in time to awaken everyone from hypnosis.


....and Screws Up

"Justice" - Wesley trips over a barrier, and nearly loses his life.

"Evolution" - Wesley, while pulling an all-nighter, leaves a container open, causing some nanites to escape and wreck havoc on the ship.

"Remember Me" - Wesley's experiment causes his mother to be trapped in a warp bubble.

"The First Duty" - Wesley's flight team performs an extremely dangerous maneuver which results in a serious accident and causes the death of a fellow team member. The resulting cover-up causes Wesley to repeat a year at the academy.