Picard Surrenders

"Encounter at Farpoint" - Picard says "Transmit the following in all languages and in all frequencies: 'We surrender'."

"The Last Outpost" - The crew assumes that the Ferengi have them immobilized, and attempt to surrender, but the Ferengi surrender first, believing that the Enterprise have them immobilized.

"The Outrageous Okona" - Picard drops shields "In case we decide to surrender to them."

"A Matter Of Honor" - Picard surrenders to Riker on the Pagh.

"Peak Performance" - Riker asks Picard "Would you care to surrender now?" even before the war games begin. Later, the Ferengi drop by, and demand the surrender of the Hathaway.

"Yesterday's Enterprise" - Alternate-Picard refuses to surrender to the Klingons.

"The Defector" - The Romulans ask Picard to surrender, but he doesn't.




As was shown on several episodes of TNG, and on many episodes of Deep Space Nine, Earth of the 24th century is indeed a great place to live, but did not come across as the “paradise” portrayed here.