Data Using Contractions

In "Datalore", Lore says that there are differences between him and Data, among them, the ability of Lore being able to use contractions, while Data couldn't. Yet, in "The Offspring", Data says that he "hadn't quite mastered" contractions. It appears that Data can use contractions, as the following shows indicate . . . .

1. "Encounter at Farpoint" - At the beginning of the "post Atomic-horror" courtroom, when Q enters, Data says, "At least we're acquainted with the judge, Captain." Also, when Data is asked by a very familiar "Admiral" if he is a Vulcan, Data replies, "No sir, I'm an android." (Entire Episode-V)

3. "The Naked Now" - In the teaser, Data says, "Captain, what we've just heard is...impossible." Then, during act one, while on the science vessel, Data says: "Correction, sir.. that's blown out." instead of "that is". Then, after being examined by Dr. Crusher, Data says "I'm already listed in several bio-mechanical texts." Later, after Picard orders Yar to the sick bay, Yar asks "Did he say when?", to which Data replies "I'm sure he meant now." In this same scene, "Chronological age, no. I'm afaid I am not...." (Entire Episode-V)

4. "Code of Honor" - After telling the joke about kiddlelies (?), which contains two contractions, Data says, "I've told 662 jokes." On the planet, where Data and Geordi have beamed down to examine the weapons to be used in the fight, Picard speculates as to the use of a number of metal lengths in the yard. Data answers at some length as to their possible uses, and is cut off by Picard - Picard: "Thank you, Data". Data: "You're welcome, sir." Back on board the Enterprise, Data is briefing Riker as to Picard's plan. Data: "I'm here to brief you on what he wants."

5. "The Last Outpost" - During the conversation with Sentry, Data clearly said "I'm afraid not." 

6. "Where No Man Has Gone Before" - After they shot out of the galaxy and were looking at all the nice special effects outside, Data said something like, "It's beautiful". 

13. "Datalore" - In the teaser, in response to Tasha's query about holding the memory of over 411 people, Data responds, "Actually, I'm quite efficient in some basic human information." Then, in act one, on the way to the place where he was found, in response to Tasha's query about the colonist's memories, Data replies, "I've always felt that it was done hurriedly, but I know little more." Next, in Act Two, in a conversation with Chief Argyle, Data says, "I've been most anxious to hear the Chief Engineer's opinion, Mr. Argyle." Then, in the final act, after the fight with Lore, Picard asks Data if he's ok, in which Data replies, "Yes Sir, I'm fine." This is quite surprising, since this is one episode which they should have been extra careful about using contractions.

29. "Elementary, Dear Data" - When Data and Geordi are just about to confront Moriarty for the first time, Data notices some scratches near Moriarty's secret entrance and he asks, "What's this?"

64. "The Offspring" - In the Captain's quarters, after Picard answers Data's question about Admiral Halftel having children, Data replies, "I'm forced to wonder how much experience he had as a parent when his first child was born."

82. "Future Imperfect" - The future Data uses a contraction.

99. "In Theory" - When entering Jenna's quarters, Data recites several phrases with contractions, including "Honey, I'm Home" and "You don't tell me what to do! You're not my mother!" - a clear contradiction of the no-contraction rule. However, he was running a program in which he was simply reciting various phrases couples use, and he was saying them in a different tone of voice than usual.

135. "The Quality of Life" - Data clearly states "The transporter controls are not malfunctioning. I've locked out the controls."