Episode 202: "Darmok" 

The U.S.S. Enterprise receives a signal from "The Children of Tama," an alien race that has no history of violence, but whose language has been deemed "incomprehensible" to humans. Hovering above an uninhabited planet, Picard and the crew hope to establish relations with the Tamarians. But while he and Dathon, the Tamarian captain, make several attempts to communicate over their viewscreens, neither can understand the other. Suddenly Dathon turns to him, armed with two daggers, and both captains dematerialize and are transported to the surface of the planet below.
Riker and the crew are dismayed to find all access to Picard is blocked by a field set up by the Tamarians. On the planet's surface, Dathon continues to offer Picard one of his daggers, but Picard refuses on the grounds that this could be an act of war. Dathon is friendly, however, and offers Picard fire against the evening's chill, allowing Picard to sleep. Hours later, Picard wakes up to find Dathon missing. He looks through his personal belongings to get some clue as to what makes the alien tick, but is interrupted by Dathon's voice and the roar of an animal.

Pursued by a large, shimmering beast, Dathon again offers Picard his dagger and this time Picard accepts. As the two captains struggle to communicate in order to fight effectively, Picard hypothesizes that the Tamarians communicate by example, and the proper names and places they cite are references to situations in their history. Picard is then able to begin to communicate with Dathon, and the alien responds enthusiastically to his efforts.

When Riker dispatches a shuttlecraft to the planet's surface to retrieve Picard, the Tamarians stop it by firing their weapons. Meanwhile, Picard and Dathon set about fighting the creature, but their efforts are interrupted by the U.S.S. Enterprise's continuing quest to transport Picard back on board. He momentarily dematerializes, and Dathon is struck by the beast. As the alien lies dying, Picard realizes that the situation of two leaders joining to fight a common enemy is part of Tamarian mythology, and suddenly understands that Dathon brought him to the planet specifically to fight the beast with him and begin relations between their societies.

The crew finally transports Picard back aboard, and he avoids war with the angry Tamarians by using what he has learned to communicate with them. In their own language, he tells them how their captain died and expresses his admiration for the man. The adventure behind him, Picard is left to wonder if he, too, would sacrifice his own life simply for the hope of communication with other beings.

Production: 202
Season: 5 Episode: 2
Air Date: 09.30.1991
Stardate: 45047.2
Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan Frakes as William Riker
Brent Spiner as Data
LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge
Michael Dorn as Worf
Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher
Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi
Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan
Colm Meaney as Miles O'Brien
Paul Winfield as Captain Dathon
Richard Allen as Tamarian lst Officer
Ashley Judd as Ensign Robin Lefler
Ashley Judd Trivia:

Turned down a larger role in Kuffs (1992) because she was asked to do nude scenes. She responded, "My mother worked too hard for me to take my clothes off in my first movie."

Hobbies: running, rock climbing, mountain hiking, yoga, gardening, cooking

She attended 12 schools in 13 years before college. She was a sister of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Kentucky, where she majored in French and minored in cultural anthropology, art history, theater, and women's studies. She left a few credits shy of graduating in 1990, when she decided to drive cross-country to pursue an acting career in Hollywood.

Mother and half-sister are country singers Naomi Judd & Wynonna Judd. She once worked cleaning her mom's and sister's tour bus for $10 a day.

Her father, Michael Ciminella, a marketing specialist in the horseracing industry, divorced Naomi Judd in 1972.

Was named one of "The 50 Most Beautful People In The World" by People Magazine. (1996, 2000 & 2002)

Known to be a avid fan of the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team, once not showering because she felt it would jinx them. For a cheerleading scene in her movie Someone Like You... (2001), she uses the Wildcats' cheerleaders' cheer routine, and thanks them in the credits.

Dated Robert De Niro

Dated Matthew McConaughey

Her mother, Naomi Judd, has publicly objected to many of Ashley's movies because they contain either profanity, nudity, sex, or violence.

Was named after Ashland, Kentucky, and is an eighth-generation Kentuckian

Replaced Jodie Foster for the lead in Double Jeopardy (1999).

Is fluent in French.

Could have had Pamela Anderson's role on "Home Improvement" (1991), but wanted to concentrate on making it in the movies instead. She later starred in Where the Heart Is (2000), which was directed by Matt Williams, the producer who wanted her on the sitcom.

She had a role in Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers (1994), but it was left on the cutting room floor.

Dated Michael Bolton.

Fractured her right ankle when she was thrown from a horse's saddle in Franklin, Tennessee. She was hospitalized for two days. [23 November 1993]

Named one of the "25 Most Intriguing People" by People magazine. [1999]

{2000) Voted one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" by People Magazine.

A self-proclaimed feminist

She is an etymologist

Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002.

Ranked #20 in FHM Magazine's 100 "Sexiest Women in the World." (2002)

Worked as a waitress at the trendy 'Ivy' restaurant while studying the Sanford Meisner technique of acting at Playhouse West in Los Angeles.

Measurements: 34B-24-35 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

She was Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Kentucky

Modeled her "This is What a Feminist Looks Like" t-shirt for the Ms. Foundation and Ms. Online (ms.magazine.com), as have Whoopi Goldberg, Camryn Manheim and Margaret Cho.

Bakes chocolate chip cookies as a means to relieve stress.

Turned down the role of Catwoman in Catwoman (2004) so she could star as Maggie in 'Tennesse Williams' ' "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" on Broadway.

Models a Hello Kitty t-shirt with the words "Handle with Care" printed on the front. Proceeds go to the Youth Aids Foundation. (2003)

Her first screen kiss was with Wil Wheaton on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987).

Introduced Gloria Steinem at the March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C. on April 25, 2004.

Drove from Memphis to L.A. at the age of 22 to begin her rise to fame.

Ashley was able to play both a teenager and a thirty year old in the role of Vivian 'Vivi' Walker. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002) )

Was listed as a potential nominee on the 2005 Razzie Award nominating ballot. (Her name was misspelled on the ballot as "Ashey Judd" by the way.) She was suggested in the Worst Actress category for her performance in the film Twisted (2004/I), she did not receive a nomination however.

[1997] Becomes a vegetarian because a friend told her that "you eat the animal's fear".

Is an enthusiast of the 'cockapoo' breed of dog (cross-bred cocker spaniels and poodles). Has a dog named 'Buttermilk' and a tabby named 'Buttercup'.

Publicly announced her engagement to racer Dario Franchitti; they had been engaged since December 1999. (December 2001) Married at Skibo Castle near Dornoch, in Sutherland, Scotland, the same castle that hosted Madonna's wedding to Guy Ritchie a year earlier. [April 2000]

Good friends with Salma Hayek and Joey Lauren Adams.

Presented to the National Press Club on June 22nd, 2005 as a spokesperson for Youth Aids International.

Worldwide Spokesperson for Youth Aids International.

Gave testimony to U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "Stopping Cross Generational Sex and Sexual Violence To Protect Young Women from AIDS in Developing Contries: A Call to Action," June 23, 2005, as Global Ambassador for YouthAIDS and member of the Board of Directors of Population Services Inernational (PSI).

Though she only did two episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987), her character was loved by fans. Her image even appears on the Star Trek book 'End Game' (Star Trek New Frontier, No 4) by Peter David.

Was once considered for the female lead in Million Dollar Baby (2004).

Presented all the clues on the 'The World AIDS Crisis' category on the 12/2/2005 episode of the "Jeopardy!" (1984) TV show.

Visited Guatemala from 2 May 2006 to 5 May 2006, along with Salma Hayek and Colombian singer Juanes, as part of a Youth/AIDS campaign.

Named #77 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006" supplement. (2006).

























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                          Written by 
                          Joe Menosky 
                          Directed by 
                          Rick Kolbe 
Copyright 1991 Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights
Reserved. This script is not for publication or
reproduction. No one is authorized to dispose of same. If
lost or destroyed, please notify the Script Department.
                         FINAL DRAFT
                        JULY 8, 1991
           STAR TREK: "Darmok" - REV. 7/17/91 - CAST 
                PICARD             CAPTAIN DATHON
                RIKER              TAMARIAN FIRST OFFICER
                O'BRIEN              TAMARIAN OFFICERS
                                     ALIEN CREATURE
                ENSIGN LEFLER        
                COMPUTER VOICE    
                  N.D. FEMALE SECURITY OFFICER
                  SHUTTLE CO-PILOT                 
                  N.D. MALE OFFICE   
                  SHUTTLE PASSENGER
              STAR TREK: "Darmok" - 7/8/91 - SETS 
            INTERIORS                  EXTERIORS        
            USS ENTERPRISE             USS ENTERPRISE
              MAIN BRIDGE
              ENGINEERING              PLANET EL-ADREL
              (ON VIEWSCREEN)
         STAR TREK: "Darmok" - 7/8/91 - PRONUNCIATION 
                      PRONUNCIATION GUIDE 
                  ANNULAR          ann-YOU-ler
                  ANZO             AHN-zoe
                  BAHAR            buh-HAHR
                  BAKOR            bah-CORE
                  CALLIMAS         kah-lee-MAHS
                  CHENZA           CHEN-zuh
                  DARMOK           dahr-MOCK
                  DATHON           DAY-thahn
                  EL-ADREL         el-AH-drel
                  GALLOS           GAHL-ohs
                  JIRI             JEE-ree
                  JALAD            juh-LAHD
                  KADIR            kuh-DEER
                  KANDA            KAHN-duh
                  KANZA            KAHN-zuh
                  KITEO            key-TAY-oh
                  KITUAY           KI-too-AY
                  LASHMIR          lahsh-MEER
                  LERISHI          LEHR-ish-ee
                  LOWANI           low-AH-nee
                  LUNGHA           LOON-guh
          STAR TREK: "Darmok" - REV. 7/17/91 - PRONUNCIATION           
                MALINDI       muh-LIN-dee
                MIRAB         mee-RAHB
                MO MOTEH      moe-moe-TAY
                RAI           RIE
                RAZNA         RAHZ-nuh
                SHAKA         SHAH-kah
                SHANTIL       SHAHN-till
                SHIKU MARU    SHEE-koo mah-ROO
                SOKATH        soh-KAHTH
                TAMA          TAH-mah
                TAMARIAN      tah-MAH-rian
                TANAGRA       tuh-NAH-gruh
                TEMARC        teh-MARK
                TEMBA         TEM-buh
                UBAYA         oo-BUY-uh
                UZANI         oo-ZAH-nee
                ZIMA          ZEE-mah
                ZINDA         ZIN-dah


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