· Susan Oliver, best known as Vena, the Orion Slave Girl from TOS, wanted to direct an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation. Paramount Studios said no.

· Early in the planning stages of the series, Roger C. Carmel was offered the chance to return as his original TOS series character; Harry Mudd, but he died long before shooting began.

· Attempts were also made to have Leonard Nimoy appear during the first season, but that had to wait a few more years.


The Walking Dead

Several times during the series, a major character has died, only to be saved at the last minute. Some of these episodes include:

"Hide And Q" - Worf and Wesley get impaled by soldiers.

"Time Squared" - The Enterprise is seen being destroyed.

"The Most Toys" - Data is believed to be dead by the crew.

"Transfigurations" - Worf falls down in the shuttle bay, only to be saved by John Doe.

"Ethics" - After a barrel crashes on Worf back, Worf dies during an experimental surgery. However, his "redundant" body organs kicked in at the last minute.

"Cause And Effect" - A collision with a starship causes the Enterprise to explode, killing everyone on board, and causing a time loop in which the Enterprise encounters a collision with another starship, killing everyone on board, causing a time loop...

"Man Of The People" - Deanna is killed in order to stop an ambassador from passing his evil emotions to another empathic person.

"Gambit" - Captain Picard is believed to be dead.