To save money, Paramount had investigated shooting the series in Vancouver, Canada. However, when the executives added the time-intensive complications of travel to and from Vancouver to the expected demands of what was promising to be a complex series, they decided to keep production in their own studio. (many television shows, including Stargate-SG1, are filmed in Vancouver.)




The Merry Men (and Women) of Qpid

  • Picard -> Robin Hood
  • Riker -> Little John
  • Data -> Friar Tuck
  • Worf -> Will Scarlet. Is not a merry man!
  • LaForge -> Alan-a-Dale
  • Vash -> Maid Marian
  • Q -> The Sheriff of Nottingham


Religion In The Future

"Who Watches The Watchers" - Picard is thought to be a god by the populace.


"Data's Day" - In Data's log, a Hindu festival of lights is mentioned.