· Ronny Cox has a unique distinction in the series. He is the only guest star who ever did a “captains log” entry when his captain was in charge of the Enterprise while Captain Picard was on a mission. This occurred in the episodes “Chain of Command”.

· Gene Roddenberry and some other people locked themselves in Gene’s office for about 45 minutes to figure out what Stardates mean. In that 45 minutes, they came up with a coherent setup on how Stardates are used, and what they mean.

· The 1988 episode “The Neutral Zone” was a milestone in the history of Star Trek by establishing that the first season of The Next Generation took place in the year 2364. This was the first time an exact calendar date was provided for a Trek episode. All Star Trek episodes, chronologies, novels and background information since 1988 have been calculated from this date.