Saucer Separation


The TNG Enterprise, being a starship carrying families, has the ability to separate into saucer and warp drive sections in case of an emergency situation. When separated, the saucer section is capable of only impulse speed, while the warp drive section turns into a formidable battle machine. The following are instances where it has been shown:


· “Encounter at Farpoint” - While Worf takes the saucer section to Farpoint Station, Picard takes the warp drive section to meet up with the Q entity.

· “Arsenal of Freedom" - Geordi takes the Warp Drive section in order to destroy the defense device on Minos, while Chief Engineer Logan takes the saucer section to safety.

· “Best of Both Worlds - Part II" - In order to retrieve Locutus/Picard, the Enterprise separates into two sections, with Riker in charge of the Warp Drive section, and Cmdr. Shelby in command of the saucer section. While the Borg attack the warp drive section, the rescue shuttle with Worf and Data launches from the saucer section.


Part of the reason that we don't see more saucer seperations is due to budget constraints.