Andy Probert designed the Enterprise D, and owns the designs to the Enterprise. Paramount is using his designs with permission. You can see Andy in "Encounter at Farpoint", in the post-atomic court. Andy is the spectator wearing "a giant tribble", actually a very large fur hat.


The original Wright plane was named.....BIRD OF PREY!


"Family" and "Liaisons" are the only episodes in TOS, the movies, and TNG which has no scenes filmed on the bridge.

The "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Technical Manual (Pocket Books, ISBN 0-671-70427-3) is the complete technical guide to the Treknology used in TNG. It is written by Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda, who work in TNG's Art Department. Among their responsibilities include making sure that everything is consistent in the technical department from show to show.

One of the controls not seen is the "Infinite Improbability Generator", a reference from the "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

Whenever possible, stock footage is used to save to those who thought the Klingon ship in Heart of Glory looked familiar, it should. The footage came from ST:TMP.


Shown above is a preliminary bridge concept for the Starship Enterprise. Dated December 4, 1986, reflecting the idea that the ship’s computer is so advanced that everything is run by voice command, requiring no operational crew. This concept was considered too advanced for the 24th century, at least, by 20th century standards.