Who's Smoking?

"Encounter at Farpoint" - Q appears in 20th century military uniform with an unlit cigarette in his right hand.

"Lonely Among Us" - Data smokes a pipe (much to the dismay of the rest of the crew, especially Lt. Yar) as the first part of adopting his Sherlock Holmes character.

"The Big Goodbye" - Picard is offered a holographic cigarette in the police station. His coughing displays his displeasure.

"Manhunt" - Picard as Dixon Hill lights up again in full view, without coughing.

"Deja Q" - After Q gets his powers back, he brings the Mexican band to the bridge, and gives Riker and Picard a cigar, and after he leaves, he becomes the smoke from Picard's cigar.

"Clues" - Guinan has a lit cigarette in a holder in D Hill's outer office, doesn't take a puff. (Watch how the cigarette always changes to a different length at each camera cut. A common problem in any movie where smoking is portrayed).

"Time's Arrow" - Samuel Clemens chomps on a huge cigar. Suffers from tobacco addiction withdrawal in the second part.

"A Fistful of Datas" - Troi, playing the mysterious stranger, is seen smoking in the sheriff's office.