· The ceiling of the transporter chamber on the Enterprise-D is in fact the floor of the transporter chamber from the Enterprise in the original series.




The following shuttlecraft, associated with the Enterprise, have appeared in TNG:

· NCC-1701D-1 - "Sakarov" ("Unnatural Selection")

· NCC-1701D-2 - "Goddard" (loaned to Scotty in "Relics")

· NCC-1701D-5 - "El-Baz" ("Time Squared", "Descent, Part I")

· NCC-1701D-5 - "Onizuka" (used in "The Ensigns of Command")

· NCC-1701D-5 - Feynman ("The Nth Degree")

· NCC-1701D-6 - ("Coming of Age")

· NCC-1701D-7 - "Onizuka" ("The Minds Eye")

· NCC-1701D-9 - ("The Price")

· NCC-1701D-12 - "Pike" (destroyed in "The Most Toys")

· NCC-1701D-13 - (crashed on Vegra II in "Skin Of Evil")

· “Fermi" (Destroyed - "Rascals")