Picard violates the Prime Directive


In “The Drumhead”, it is recorded that Picard violated the Prime Directive nine times while in command of the Enterprise. While it was not directly specified what the nine violations were, these are believed to be the episodes containing these violations:


· “Justice” - In order to save Wesley from the death penalty for (accidentally) violating one of the Edo laws.

· “Angel One”- The crew barely managed to save the survivors of a Federation ship from death for trying to change the society of Angel One.

· “Pen Pals”- Data communicates with a girl whose planet was slowly self-destructing.

· “Up the Long Ladder”- Picard essentially forced the clone race to live and breed with the Bringloidi, despite the strong resistance of the clone race and the fact that this would completely destroy the non-sexual nature of the clone race.

· “The Ensigns of Command” - The Enterprise manages to delay a Sheliak vessel from destroying a Federation colony on Tau Cygna Five, even though the planet is part of the Sheliak Corporate.

· “Who Watches the Watchers” - The Enterprise treats a Mintakan person for serious injuries as a result of a Federation observation post's cloaking device's failure, ending with that race believing Picard was a god.

· “The High Ground” - The Enterprise engages in a commando raid in  order to rescue Captain Picard and Beverly Crusher on a warring world.

· “ Legacy” - The commando raid might have radically changed the balance of power on the planet.

· “First Contact”- The Enterprise contacts a planet in order to rescue  Commander Riker