Attempts at Self-Destruct

"11001001" - Picard and Riker try to self destruct in order to prevent the possibility of the Enterprise falling into enemy hands.

"Where Silence Has Lease" - Picard tries to self destruct for Nagilum.

"Contagion" - Virus-induced sort-of-self-destruct-like-thing.

"Brothers" - Picard attempts to engage the self-destruct sequence in order to regain control of the Enterprise, but fails.



Time Travel

"We'll Always Have Paris" - Dr. Paul Manheim's time experiment causes small loops to occur in time.

"Time Squared" - Due to a strange energy vortex, a duplicate Picard from the future arrives on a shuttlecraft

"Yesterday's Enterprise" - A worm hole is created, causing the Enterprise-C to travel through time.

"Captain's Holiday" - Two Vorgons travel from the 27th century to get the Tox Uthat.

"Future Imperfect" - Riker thinks he's in the future.

"A Matter Of Time" - Berlinghoff Rasmussen, in the 22nd century, steals a time machine from a visiting time traveler from the 26th century, and uses it to visit the Enterprise and steal some devices to "invent" later on.

"Cause And Effect" - The Enterprise and the Bozeman gets caught in a time loop. For the Enterprise, it was for around 17 days. For the Bozeman, it was either caught in the loop for around 80 years, or simply shot forward in time about 80 years.

"Time's Arrow" - Upon discovery of Data's head on Earth, the crew of the Enterprise travel to a planet. In order to see the aliens/shapeshifters, Data constructs a phase inverter, and, in the process, manages to travel to 1893. At the end of part one, Picard, Riker, Troi, Dr. Crusher, and Geordi walk into the time vortex, and end up in the 19th century, although they did manage to get back into the 24th century, and accidentally sending Samuel Clemens to the 24th century before returning him to the 19th century.

"Tapestry" - An alien creature on a Romulan ship causes time to stand still in order to save it's young.

"Parallels" - Worf passes through a time eddy, and traverses through several timelines.

Also, the Traveler ("Where None Have Gone Before" and "Remember Me") could be considered a time traveler. Maybe.