Goofs for "Star Trek: The Next Generation"


Crew or equipment visible: In "Unification (Part II)", as a Romulan commander is sitting in her office, a crew member can be seen reflected in a sculpture.

 Continuity: Data's cat, Spot, is a male throughout the history of the show, but is female in "Genesis" and "Force of Nature".

Boom mike visible: In "Half A Life", the boom can be seen reflected in the mirror in Lwaxanna's guest quarters as she talks to Deanna.

Factual errors: In "Relics", we can see curvature as the Enterprise approaches the Dyson's sphere. Given the theoretical size of a Dyson's sphere (roughly the size of Earth's orbit around the sun), any curvature of the sphere while the Enterprise was that close would be imperceptible.

Factual errors: In "The Royale", LaForge states that the surface temperature of the planet below is "minus 291 Celsius". Absolute zero is -273C, making this impossible.

Continuity: Data is not supposed to be able to use elisions. Yet, in the pilot episode "Encounter at Farpoint", he says the word "can't" at least once.

Crew or equipment visible: In "The Royale", the camera crew can be seen in a mirror on the craps table.

Continuity: Before the episode that establishes that Data is unable to use verbal contractions (elisions), he has already used them 32 times.