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Plot holes: In the episode "The Next Phase", an accident makes it so that Ensign Ro and Lt. Cmdr. LaForge passes through everyone and everything on the Entreprise. Yet they don't sink through the floors when they walk and the turbo lifts still take them places safely. Ro can touch her helm chair and respecive panel. And there is air for them to breathe. (This was excellently parodied on Stargate-SG1, in the episode “Wormhole eXtreme.”)

Crew or equipment visible: In "When the Bough Breaks" at the start of the episode when Riker goes into the turbolift after his collision with the boy, you can see the foot of some sound equipment sticking out.

Continuity: In "Contagion" when the bridge crew are in the conference room discussing the demise of the Yamato, the background stars move in contradictory directions. Behind Geordi, they move left to right while behind Picard they move right to left. Due to the orientation of people in the conference room, both directions are incorrect. Behind Geordi would indicate the ship is moving to starbord, while behind Picard would indicate the ship is moving to port. Neither indicate the ship is actually moving forward.

Continuity: In "Elementary, Dear Data" Geordi freezes the Sherlock Holmes simulation on the holodeck, yet the simulated fire in the fireplace continues to burn and flicker like normal.

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