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out his cigarette and made a slight deprecatory gesture. I could even guess for whom the epistle was intended. Unless Im hopelessly mistaken, Mrs. Bliss was to have been the recipient. Again Vance smiled musingly. Y see, you mentioned three words in the imaginry p ray ban 4159 apyrus, which you have not yet satisfactorily translatedankhet, wash, and tema. But since there are scores of Egyptian words that have thus far resisted accurate translation, I wondered why you should have mentioned these particular three. And I further wondered why you should have mentioned three words whose meaning you did not ray ban 4159 recall, which so closely approximate three very familiar words in Egyptian… . And then I bethought me as to the meaning of these three familiar words. Ankhwithout a determinativecan mean the living one.

been explained yet. And I have a theory about it that I cant shake offit fits too perfectly with the whole fiendish scheme. But you have the letter, Markham argued, in an effort to draw Vance out. Oh, yes. And Im prizin it. You belie ray ban 4159 ve its the letter Salveter said he wrote? Undoubtedly. And you believe he is ignorant of its having been torn up and put in the doctors waste-basket? Oh, quite. Hes still wonderin what became of itand worryin, too. Markham studied Vance with baffled curiosity. You spoke of some purpose to which the letter might have been put before it was thrown away. Thats what Im waiting to verify. The fact is, Markham, I expected that the letter would enter into the mystery of the dagger throwing last night. And Ill admit I was frightfull ray ban 4159 y downcast when wed got the whole

could, with her notable beauty, captivate a rich husband without much difficulty. Husbands are only unattainable by the blue-stocking, the flirt and the personally angular. The rain pelted down in torrents as I walked to Kew Gardens Station, and as it generally happens to the unlucky doctor that calls are made upon him in the most inclement weather, I found, on returning to Harley Place, that Lady Langley, in Hill Street, had sent a message asking me to go round at once. I was therefore compelled to pay the visit, for her ladyshipa snappy old dowagerwas a somewhat exacting patient of Sir Bernards. She was a fussy old person who believed herself to be much worse than she really was, and i ray ban 4159 t was, therefore, not unti ray ban 4159 l past one oclock that I smoked my final pipe, drained my peg, and retired to

consulted together in an undertone, while the reporters at the table conversed audibly. They, too, were disappointed at being unable to obtain any sensational c ray ban 4159 opy. If you wish to retire in order to consider your verdict, gentlemen, you are quite at liberty to do so, remarked the coroner. That is unnecessary, replied the foreman. We are agreed unanimously. Upon what? Our verdict is that the deceased was wilfully mu ray ban 4159 rdered by some person or persons unknown. Very well, gentlemen. Of course in my position I am not permitted to give you advice, but I think that you could have arrived at no other verdict. The police will use every endeavour to discover the identity of the assassin. I glanced at Ethelwynn, and at that instant she turned her head, and her eyes met mine. She started quickly, her

mischievously. What can it ray ban 4159 matter to you? I have her welfare at heart, Mrs. Henniker, I answered seriously. Then you have a curious way of showing your solicitude on her behalf, she said bluntly, smiling again. Poor Ethelwynn has been pining day after day for a word from you; but you seldom, if ever, write, and when you do the coldness of your letters adds to her burden of grief. I knew always when she had received one by the traces of secret tears upon her cheeks. Forgive me for saying so, Doctor, but you men, either in order to test the strength of a womans affection, or perhaps out of mere caprice, often try her patience until the ray ban 4159 strained thread snaps, and she who was a good and pure woman becomes reckless of everythingher name, her family pride, and even her own honour. Her words

directions, making curious inquiries that had apparently nothing to connect them with the mystery of the death of Mr. and Mrs. Courtenay. In reply to a wire I had sent to Ethelwynn came a message saying that her mother was entirely prostrated, therefore she could not at present leave her. This, when sho ray ban 4159 wn to Ambler, caused him to purse his lips and raise his shoulders with that gesture of suspicion which was a peculiarity of his. Was it possible that he actu ray ban 4159 ally suspected her? The name of Slade seemed ever in Jevons mind. Indeed, most of his inquiries were regarding some person of that name. One evening, after dining together, he took me in a cab across the City to the Three Nuns Hotel, at Aldgatewhere, in the saloon bar, we sat drinking. Before setting out he had urged me to put on a

for me, said Cyril. Yes, but, Anthea ventured, all thats what the WHOLE charm can do. Theres something that the half weve got can win off its own batisnt there? She appealed to the Psammead. It nodded. Yes, it said; the half has the power to take you anywhere you like to look for the other half. This seemed a brilliant prospect till Robert asked Does it know where to look? The Psammead shook its ray ban 4159 head and answered, I do ray ban 4159 nt think its likely. Do you? No. Then, said Robert, we might as well look for a needle in a bottle of hay. Yesit IS bottle, and not bundle, Father said so. Not at all, said the Psammead briskly-, you think you know everything, but you are quite mistaken. The first thing is to get the thing to talk. Can it? Jane questioned. Janes question did not mean that she thought it

children expected the Queen to call fo ray ban 4159 r them; but no. She just ate with her fingers, and as the first dish was a great tray of boiled corn, and meat and raisins all mixed up together, and melted fat poured all over the tray, it was found difficult to follow her example with anything like what we are used to think of as good table manners. There were stewed quinces afterwards, and dates in syrup, and thick yellowy cream. It was the kind of dinner you ha ray ban 4159 rdly ever get in Fitzroy Street. After dinner everybody went to sleep, even the children. The Queen awoke with a start. Good gracious! she cried, what a time weve slept! I must rush off and dress for the banquet. I shant have much more than time. Hasnt Ritti-Marduk got back with our sister and the Psammead yet? Anthea asked. I QUITE forgot to