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the Book of the Dead I know. Vance nodded with impatience. His Index makes it possible to find almost any passage in the Papyrus of Ani… . Just so. Bliss had begun to reveal a curious animation: his scientific enthusiasm was manifesting itself. But Alan Gardiner is the true modern scholar. His Egyptian Grammar is a profound and accurate work. The most important opus on Egyptology, however, is the Erman-Grapow W.rterbuch der aegyptischen Sprache. … Vance had be ray ban 62mm aviator come suddenly interested. Does Mr. Salveter use the Erman-Grapow W.rterbuch? he asked. Certainly. I insisted upon it. I ordered three sets ray ban 62mm aviator from Leipzigone for myself, and one each for Salveter and Scarlett. The signs differ considerably, I believe, from the Theinhardt type used by Budge. Oh, yes. Bliss removed his hat and threw it

stood by frowning. Vance, what paper was that you found in Scarletts pocket? I imagine it was an incriminatin document written in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Well see. He spread the paper out smoothly on the top of the sarcoph ray ban 62mm aviator agus. It was almost exactly like the letter Vance had pieced together in Blisss study. The color of the paper was the same, and it contained four rows of hieroglyphs in green ink. Vance studied it while Markham and Heath, who had returned to the museum, and I looked on. Let me see how well I remember my Egyptian, he murmured. Its been yea ray ban 62mm aviator rs since I did any transliterating… . He placed his monocle in his eye and bent forward. Meryt-Am.n, aha-y o er yu son maut-y en merya-y men seshem pen dya-y em yeb-y era-y en marwet mar-en yu rekha-t khet nibet hir-sa hetpa-t na-y kheft

as a piece of imagination. The feminine mind is much given to fiction on occasions of tragic events. But the girl over and over again asserted that she had heard it. She slept alone in a small room at the top of the second flight of stairs and had heard the sound quite distinctly. When you heard it what did you do? I lay and listened. For how long? Oh, quite a quarter of an hour, I should think. It was just before half-past one when I heard the noise, for the church clock struck almost immediately afterwards. The sound of the movement was such as I had never before heard at night, and at first I felt frightened. But I always lock my d ray ban 62mm aviator oor, therefore I felt secure. The noise was just like someone creeping along very slowly, with one boot creaking. But if it was so loud that ray ban 62mm aviator you could hear it

coolness had arisen between us, in a manner that seemed almost mutual, we were nevertheless the best of friends. Once or twice she dined with me at a restaurant, and went to a play afterwards, on such occasions rem ray ban 62mm aviator arking that it seemed like old times, in the early days of our blissful love. And sometimes she would recall those sweet halcyon hours, until I felt a ray ban 62mm aviator pang of regret that my trust in her had been shaken by that letter found among the dead mans effects and that tiny piece of chenille. But I steeled my heart, because I felt assured that the truth must out some day. Mine was a strange position for any man. I loved this woman, remember; loved her with all my heart and with all my soul. Yet that letter penned by her had shown me that she had once angled for larger spoils, and was not

was surely a wonderful actress. Time will efface your sorrow, I said, in a voice meant to be sympathetic. In a year or two your grief will not be so poignant, and the past will gradually fade from your memory. It is always so. She shook her head mournfully. No, she said, for in addition to my grief there is the mystery of it alla mystery that grows each day more and more inscrutable. I glanced sharply at her in surprise. Was she trying to mislead me, ray ban 62mm aviator or were her words spoken in real earnest? I could not determine. Yes, I acquiesced. The mystery is as complete as ever. Has no single clue been found, either by the police or by your friendJevons is, I think, his name? she asked, with keen anxiety. One or two points have, I believe, been elucidated, I answered; but the m ray ban 62mm aviator ystery still remains

went to show that, as the poisonous substance was found in the quartern bottle on deceaseds table, death was in all probability due to suicide. Some members o ray ban 62mm aviator f the jury took an opposite view. Then the letters we had found concealed were produced by the police, and, of course, created a certain amount of interest. But to the readers of newspapers the poisoning of a costermonger at Shadwell is of little interest as compared with a similar catastrophe in that quarter of London vaguely known as the West End. The letters wer ray ban 62mm aviator e suspicious, and both coroner and jury accepted them as evidence that Lane was engaged upon an elaborate scheme of blackmail. Who is this Mary Courtenay, who writes to him from Neneford? inquired the coroner of the inspector. Well, sir, the latter responded, the writer

almost certain death to a Psammead to get wet. The sun was shining very brightly, and even London looked pretty. Women were selling roses from big baskets-full, and Anthea bought four roses, one each, for herself and the others. They were red roses and smelt of summerthe kind of roses you always want so desperately at about Christmas-time when you can only get m ray ban 62mm aviator istletoe, which is pale right through to its very scent, and holly which pricks your nose if you try to smell it. So now everyone had a rose in its buttonhole, and soon everyone was sitting on the grass in Regents Park under trees whose leaves would have been clean, clear green in the country, but here were dusty and yellowish, and brown at the edges. Weve got t ray ban 62mm aviator o go on with it, said Anthea, and as the eldest has to go first, youll

Anthea, whats that? The loud hum of many voices came through the open window. Words could be distinguished. Eres a guy! This aint November. That aint no guy. Its a ballet lady, thats what it is. Not itits a bloomin looney, I tell you. Then came a clear voice that they knew. Retire, slaves! it said. Whats she a saying of? cried a dozen voices. Some blamed foreign lingo, one voice replied. The children rushed to the door. A crowd was on the road and pavement. In the middle of the crowd, ray ban 62mm aviator plainly to be seen from the top of the steps, were the beautiful face and bright veil of the Babylonian Queen. Jimminy! cried Robert, and ran down the steps, here she is! Here! he cried, look o ray ban 62mm aviator utlet the lady pass. Shes a friend of ours, coming to see us. Nice friend for a respectable house, snorted a fat