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lucksaid hed stand by, in case I wanted him. That sort of thing. How long was he with you? A minute or so. He went away immediately. Said he was going home. One more question, do ray ban sunglasses kids ctor, Vance said, after several moments pause. Who in this house would have any reason for wanting to saddle you with the crime of killing Mr. Kyle? A sudden change came over Bliss. His eyes glared straight ahead, and the lines of his face hardened into almost terrifying contours. He clutched the arms of his chair and drew in his feet. Both fear and hatred possessed him; he was a man about to leap at a mortal enemy. Then he stood up, every muscle in his body tense. I cant answer that question; I refuse to answer it! … I dont knowI dont know! But there is some oneisnt there? He reached out and grasped Vances arm. ray ban sunglasses kids

together-with me… . Not what youd call Harvardian. But such were the verbal id ray ban sunglasses kids iosyncrasies of the ancient Egyptians. Well, it dont make sense to me, Heath commented sourly. But properly paraphrased it makes fiendish sense, Sergeant. Put into everyday English, it says: Meryt-Amen: I am waiting he ray ban sunglasses kids re for my uncle. I cannot endure this situation any longer; and I have decided to take drastic action for the sake of our happiness. You will understand everything later, and you will forgive me when we are free from all obstacles and can be happy together. … I say, Sergeant; does that make sense? Ill tell the world! Heath looked at Vance with an air of contemptuous criticism. And you sent that bird Salveter to Boston! Hell be back to-morrow, Vance assured him. But see here;Markhams eyes were

unfastened when you went to bed? No, sir, the cook replied promptly. I always go round myself, and see that everything is fastened. The front door, for example? I bolted it at Miss Ethelwynns orders. At what time? One oclock. She told me to wait up till t ray ban sunglasses kids hen, and if mistress did not return I was to lock up and go to bed. Then the tragedy must have been enacted about half an hour later? I think so, sir. You havent examined the doors and windows to see if any have been forced? As far as I can see, they are just as I left them when I went to bed, sir. Thats strangevery strange, remarked the inspector, turning to us. We must make an exa ray ban sunglasses kids mination and satisfy ourselves. The point was one that was most important in the conduct of the inquiry. If all doors and windows were still locked, then the

order to cheer is taken seriously by romantic girls who believe that to marry a doctor is to attain social status and distinction. Heigho! When I think of all my own little love episodes, and of the ingenious diplomacy to which I have been compelled to resort in order to avoid tumbling into pitfalls set by certain designing Daughters of Eve, ray ban sunglasses kids I cannot but sympathise with every other medical man who is on the right side of forty and sound of wind and limb. There is not a doctor in all the long list in the medical register who could not relate strange stories of his own love episodesromances which have sometimes narrowly escaped developing into tragedies, and plots concocted by women to inveigle and to allure. It is so ea ray ban sunglasses kids sy for a woman to feign illness and call in the doctor to chat to her

complicated and puzzling. If we could discover any reason for the brutal deed we might get a clue to the assassin; but as far as the police have been able to gather, it seems that there is an entire absence of motive; hence the impossibility of carrying the inquiries further. Then the investigation i ray ban sunglasses kids s actually dropped? she exclaimed, unable to further conceal her anxiety. I presume it is, I replied. Her chest heaved slightly, and slowly fell again. By its movement I knew that my answer allowed her to breathe more freely. You also believe that your friend Jevons has been compelled, owing to negative results, to relinquish his efforts? she asked. Such is my opinion. But I have not seen him lately in order to consult him. In silence she listened to ray ban sunglasses kids my answer, and was evidently reassured by it

juries in the most supreme contempt; sometimes ra ray ban sunglasses kids ther unreasonably so, I thought. Well, the coroner said, this is certainly remarkable evidence, and he turned the dead womans letter over in his hand. It is quite plain that the deceased approached the lady ostensibly to give her warning of some danger, but really to blackmail her; for what reason does not at present appear. He may have feared her threat to give information to the police; hence his crime, and subsequent suicide. Listen! exclaimed Jevons in my ear. They are actually trying the dead man for ray ban sunglasses kids a crime he could not possibly have committed! Theyve got hold of the wrong end of the stick, as usual. Why dont they give a verdict of suicide and have done with it. We cant afford to waste a whole day explaining theories to a set of

shape. The opening of the arch was small, but Cyril saw that he could go through it. All round and beyond the arch were the faded trees and trampled grass of Regents Park, where the little ragged children were playing Ring-o-Roses. But through the opening of it shone a blaze of blue and yellow and red. Cyril drew a long breath and stiffened his legs so that the others should not see that his knees were trembling and almost knocking together. Here goes! he said, and, stepping up through the arch, disappeared. Then fo ray ban sunglasses kids llowed Anthea. Robert, coming next, held fas ray ban sunglasses kids t, at Antheas suggestion, to the sleeve of Jane, who was thus dragged safely through the arch. And as soon as they were on the other side of the arch there was no more arch at all and no more Regents Park either, only the charm in

the marrow-selling woman, whatever could a-took me to come out this figure? and she wheeled her cart away very quickly indeed. Someones made a pretty guy of youtalk of guys, said a man who sold bootlaces. Well, dont you talk, said the man next to him. Look at your own silly legs; and wheres your boots? I never come out like this, Ill take my sacred, said the bootlace-seller. I wasnt quite myself last night, Ill own, but not to dress up like a circus. The crowd was all talking at once, and getting rather angry. But no one seemed to think of blaming ray ban sunglasses kids the Queen. Anthea bounded down the steps and pulled her up; the others followed, and the door was shut. Blowed if I can make it out! they heard. Im off home, I am. And the c ray ban sunglasses kids rowd, coming slowly to the same mind, dispersed, followed by another