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He brought us the sad tidings and is probably all agog and aflutter. He lives just round t black aviators ray ban he corner. Markham glanced at Vance inquisitively, but made no comment. Heath, however, grunted impatiently. It looks to me like were doing most everything but clean up this homicide, he groused. Scarletts a shrewd lad; he may have conjured up an idea or two, Vance retur black aviators ray ban ned. I got ideas, too, the Sergeant declared maliciously. But what good are they? If I was handling this case, Id arrest the whole outfit, put em in separate cells, and let em sweat. By the time they got habeas-corpus proceedings started Id know a damn sight more than I do now. I doubt it, Sergeant. Vance spoke mildly. I think youd know even less… . Ah, heres number ninety-six. He turned into the Colonial entrance of an old brick

Salveter went out, Scarlett went with him. Ah! And you, doctor? Vance was apparently absorbed in selecting a cigarette from his case. I stayed in the study. And thats the last you saw of either Scarlett or Salveter? Yes I went for a walk about half past nine. I looked in the museum on my black aviators ray ban way out, thinking possibly Scarlett had remained and would join me; but the room was dark. So I strolled down the avenue to Washington Square… . Thank you, doctor. Vance had lighted his cigarette and was smoking moodily. We shant trouble you any more to-night. Hani entered the room. You wish to see me? His manner was detached and, I thought, a trifle bored. Yes. Vance indicated a chair facing the table. Then he turned quickly to Bliss who was on the point of going out. On second thought, doct black aviators ray ban or, it may be

wild eyed and breathless, rushed into the hall and dashed headlong up the stairs. I, however, barred her passage. Let me pass! she cried wildly. Short has told me he is worse and has asked for me. Let me pass! No, Mary, not so quickly. Let me tell you something, black aviators ray ban I answered gravely, placing my hand firmly upon her arm. The police were again reexamining the back premises below, and only Ethelwynn was present at the top of the stairs, where I arrested her progress to the dead mans room. But is there danger? she demanded anxiously. Tell me. The crisis is over, I responded ambiguously. But is not your absence to-night rather unusual? It was entirely my own fault, she admitted. I shall never forgive myself for this neglect. After the theatre we had supper at black aviators ray ban the Savoy, and I lost my last train.

were already gay with bloom. I knew the place well, for I had been down many times before; therefore, when the page opened the door he showed me at once to the study, a room which lay at the back of the big drawing-room. Sir Bernard is in, sir, the page said. Ill tell him black aviators ray ban at once youre here, and he closed the door, leaving me alone. I walked tow black aviators ray ban ards the window, which looked out upon a small flower garden, and in so doing, passed the writing table. A sheet of foolscap lay upon it, and curiosity prompted me to glance at it. What I saw puzzled me considerably; for beside the paper was a letter of my own that I had sent him on the previous day, while upon the foolscap were many lines of writing in excellent imitation of my own! He had been practising the peculiarities of my own handwriting.

of ulterior motive. Well, I said, after a pause, to tell the truth, I wrote to Ethelwyn black aviators ray ban n last night with a view to reconciliation. You did! she cried joyously. Then you have anticipated me, and my appeal to you has been forestalled by your own conscienceeh? Exactly, I laughed. She has my letter by this time, and I am expecting a wire in reply. I have asked her to meet me at the earliest possible moment. Then you have all my felicitations, Ralph, she said, in a voice that seemed to quiver with emotion. She loves youloves you with a fiercer and even more passionate affection than that I entertained towards my poor dead husband. Of your happiness I have no doubt, for I have seen how you idolised her, and how supreme was your mutual content w black aviators ray ban hen in each others society. Destiny, that unknown

drawn, just as it had been in life. Surely there could be no stranger current of events than those which formed the Seven Secrets. They were beyond explanationall of them. I knew nothing. I had certainly seen results; but I knew not their cause. Nitrate of amyl was not a drug whi black aviators ray ban ch a costermonger would select with a view to committing suicide. Indeed, I daresay few of my readers, unless they are doctors or chemists, have ever before heard of it. Therefore my own conclusion, fully endorsed by the erratic Ambler, was that the poor fellow had been secretly poisoned. Nearly a fortnight passed, and I heard nothing of Ambler. He was still out of town. Day by day passed, but nothing of note transpired. Sir Bernard was still sufferin black aviators ray ban g from a slight touch of sciatica at home, and on visiting him

which had fallen too. Then the water slowly trickled away into the deep cracks. Dont be frightened, Anthea cried, we wont hurt you. Who are you? said the girl. Now, once for all, I am not going to be bothered to tell you how it was that the girl could understand Anthea and Anthea could understand the girl. YOU, at any rate, would not understand ME, if I tried to explain it, any more than you can understand about time and space being only forms of thought. You may think what you like. Perhaps the children had found out the universal language which everyone can understand, and which wise men so far have not found. You will have noticed long ago that they we black aviators ray ban re singularly lucky children, and they may have had this piece of lu black aviators ray ban ck as well as others. Or it may have been that … but why pursue the

Anthea had long ceased to watch the swing-door that always let out the wrong person, and she was herself almost asleep, and still the others did not come back. It was quite a start when Anthea black aviators ray ban suddenly realized that they HAD come back, and that they were not alone. Behind them was quite a crowd of men in uniform, and several gentlemen were there. Everyone seemed very angry. Now go, said the nicest of the angry gentlemen. Take the poor, demented thing home and tell your parents she ought to be properly looked after. If you cant get her to go we must send for the police, said the nastiest gentleman. But we don black aviators ray ban t wish to use harsh measures, added the nice one, who was really very nice indeed, and seemed to be over all the others. May I speak to my sister a moment first? asked Robert. The