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number. After that I roused Brush and told him to watch for you at the front door. I came back upstairs,Id armed myself with my revolver while in the study,and await ray ban new wayfarer blue ed your arrival. Mrs. Bliss had been watching her husband with a look of deep anxiety during his recital. I heard the sound of the dagger striking the headboard, she said in a low, fearful voice. My ray ban new wayfarer blue bed is against the other side of the wall. It startled me and woke me up, but I didnt give it a second thought, and went to sleep again. She threw her head back and glared at Vance. This is shameful and outrageous! You insist upon my husband staying in this house that harbors a murderera murderer who is plotting against himand you do nothing to protect him. But nothing has happened to him, Mrs. Bliss, Vance replied with gentle

loopholeswas again written. We were supposed to read the third version, become sceptical about it, and find the evidences of Salveters guilt between the lines. My task was to push through to the first and origin ray ban new wayfarer blue al versionthe twice written-over truth. And you did it, Mr. Vance! Heath had risen and gone toward the door. The doc is in the study, Chief. Ill take him to Headquarters myself. Chapter 22 Ch ray ban new wayfarer blue apter 22 THE JUDGMENT OF AN.BIS Saturday, July 14, 11 P.M. I say, Sergeant! Dont be rash. Despite the drawling quality of Vances tone Heath halted abruptly. If I were you Id take a bit of legal advice from Mr. Markham before arresting the doctor. Legal advice be damned! Oh, quite. In principle I agree with you. But theres no need to be temerarious about these little matters. Caution is always

which outbalanced my intention was that curious admission of Short regarding the possession of the knife. So I resolved to say nothing to my friend until af ray ban new wayfarer blue ter the inquest. As may be ima ray ban new wayfarer blue gined, the London papers that afternoon were full of the mystery. Nothing like a first-class sensation, sub-editors will tell you. There is art in alliterative headlines and startling cross-heads. The inevitable interview with a member of the familywho is generally anonymous, be it saidis sure to be eagerly devoured by the public. The world may sneer at sensational journalism, but after all it loves to have its curiosity excited over the tragic dénouement of some domestic secret. As soon as the first information reached the Central News and Press Association, therefore, reporters crowded upon us.

ten oclock, and feeling in no mood for sleep, I took from my bag the novel I had been reading on my journey and, throwing myself into an armchair, first gave myself up to deep reflectio ray ban new wayfarer blue n over a pipe, and afterwards commenced to read. The chiming of the church clock down in the village aroused me, causing me to glance at my watch. It was midnight. I rose, and going to the window, pulled aside the blind, and looked out upon the rural view lying calm and mysterious beneath the brilliant moonlight. How different was that peaceful aspect to the one to which I was, alas! accustomedthat long blank wall in the Marylebone Road. There the cab bells tinkled all night, mark ray ban new wayfarer blue et wagons rumbled through till dawn, and the moonbeams revealed drunken revellers after closing time. A strong desire seized me to

speak the truth, I exclaimed. You have asked me, and I will be perfectly frank with you. Well, I discovered amongst old Mr. Courtenays papers a letter written by you several years ago which revealed the truth. The truth! she gasped, her face blanched in an instant. The truth of what? That you were once engaged to become his wife. Her breast heaved quickly, and I saw that my words had relieved her of some grave apprehension. When I declared that I knew t ray ban new wayfarer blue he truth she believed that I spoke of the secret of Courtenays masquerading. The fact of her previous engagement was, to her, of only secondary importance, for she replied: Well, and is that the sole cause of your displeasure? I felt assured, from the feigned flippancy of her words, that she h ray ban new wayfarer blue eld knowledge of the strange secret. It was the

was extremely difficult. He was a veritable artist in crime. Yes, he added, of the many inquiries Ive taken up, the most curious and most complicated of them all was that of The Seven Secrets. She was born in 1858 ray ban new wayfarer blue at 38 Lower Kennington Lane in Kennington, Surrey now part of Greater London, the daughter of a schoolteacher, John Collis Nesbit, who died in March 1862, befor ray ban new wayfarer blue e her fourth birthday. Her sister Marys ill health meant that the family moved around constantly for some years, living variously in Brighton, Buckinghamshire, France Dieppe, Rouen, Paris, Tours, Poitiers, Angouleme, Bordeaux, Arcachon, Pau, Bagneres de Bigorre, and Dinan in Brittany, Spain and Germany, before settling for three years at Halstead Hall in Halstead in north-west Kent, a location which later inspired The

I bit him, and he thinks Im an Evil Spirit. N ray ban new wayfarer blue ow youve only got to take the thing and go. The hut was hung with skins. Heaped in the middle were the offerings that had been given the night before, Antheas roses fading on the top of the heap. At one side of the hut stood a large square stone block, and on it an oblong box of earthenware with strange figures of men and beasts on it. Is the thing in there? asked Cyril, as the Psammead pointed a skinny finger at it. You must judge of that, said the Psammead. The man was just going to bury the box ray ban new wayfarer blue in the sand when I jumped out at him and bit him. Light another match, Robert, said Anthea. Now, then quick! which is the East? Why, where the sun rises, of course! But someone told us Oh! theyll tell you anything! said the Psammead impatiently,

handcarts and low trolleys running on thick log-wheels, and porters carrying packets on their heads, and a good many of the people were riding on what looked like elephants, only the great beasts were hairy, and they had not that mild expr ray ban new wayfarer blue ession we are accust ray ban new wayfarer blue omed to meet on the faces of the elephants at the Zoo. Mammoths! murmured the learned gentleman, and stumbled over a loose stone. The people in the streets kept crowding round them as they went along, but the Captain always dispersed the crowd before it grew uncomfortably thick by saying Children of the Sun God and their High Priestcome to bless the City. And then the people would draw back with a low murmur that sounded like a suppressed cheer. Many of the buildings were covered with gold, but the gold on the bigger buildings was of a