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bungle things? Despite the droning quality of Hanis voice, there was a signific ray ban eyeglasses ant note in it. Vance regarded him for a moment. Then: Did you hear footsteps on the stairs or along the second-floor corridor shortly after midnight? The man shook his head slowly. I heard nothing. But I was asleep for at least an hour before you arrived; and the soft tread of footsteps on the deep carpet would scarcely have been sufficient to rouse me. Doctor Bliss himself, Vance explained, came down-stairs and telephoned to me. You did not hear him either? The first sound I perceived was when you gentlemen came into the front hall and talked to Brush. Your voices, or perhaps the door opening, awakened me. Later I could hear your muffled tones in Doctor Blisss bedro ray ban eyeglasses om, which is just below mine; but I could not

this before. Have youor havent youany suggestion? Yes, I have a suggestion. Vance s ray ban eyeglasses poke earnestly. Its a psychological experiment; and there is a chance that itll prove effective. I believe that if Bliss were confronted suddenly with what we know, and if a little forceful chicanery were used on him, he might be surprised into an admission that would give you a hold on him. He doesnt know we found Scarlett in the sarcophagus, and we might pretend that we have got an incriminatin statement from the poor chap. We might go so far as to tell hi ray ban eyeglasses m that Mrs. Bliss is thoroughly convinced of the truth; for if he believes that his plot has failed and that there is no hope of his continuing his excavations, he may even confess everything. Bliss is a colossal egoist, and, if cornered, might blurt out

edged, had actually been used. To be absolutely clear upon this point it would be necessary to examine it microscopically, for the corpuscles of human blood are easily distinguished beneath the lens. We were about to conclude our examination in despair, utterly unable to account for the extra ray ban eyeglasses ordinary wound, when the door opened and Sir Bernard entered. He looked upon the body of his old friend, not a pleasing spectacle indeed, and then grasped my hand without a word. I read the evening paper on my way up, he said at last in a voice trembling with emotion. The affair seems very mysterious. Poor Courtenay! Poor fellow! It is sadvery sad, I remarked. We have just concluded the postmortem; and then I introduced the police surgeon to the man whose name was a household word througho ray ban eyeglasses ut the

Courtenay address his wife by name. The transformation of her countenance from the i ray ban eyeglasses neffable picture of grief and sorrow to the calm, sweet expression of content had been marvellous, to say the leastan event stranger, indeed, than any I had ever before witnessed. In the wild writings of the old romancers the dead have sometimes been resuscitated, but never in this workaday world of ours. There is a finality in death that is decisive. Yet, as I here write these lines, I stake m ray ban eyeglasses y professional reputation that the man I saw was the same whom I had seen dead in that upper room in Kew. I knew his gait, his cough, and his countenance too well to mistake his identity. That nights adventure was certainly the most startling, and at the same time the most curious, that ever befel a man. Thus I became

upon one point? I exclaimed. You will tell me the reason you lived beneath Courtenays roof? You know the reason well. He was an invalid, and I went there to keep Mary company. I smiled at the lameness of her explanation. It was, however, an ingenious evasion of the truth, for, after all, I could not deny that I had known this through several years. Old Courtenay, being practically confined to his room, had himself suggested Ethelwynn bearing his young wife company. Answer me truthfully, dearest. Was there no further reason? She paused; and in her hesitation I detected a desire to deceive, even though I loved her so fondly. Yes, there was, she admitted at last, bowing her he ray ban eyeglasses ad. Explain it. Alas! I cannot. It is a sec ray ban eyeglasses ret. A secret from me? Yes, dear heart! she cried, clutching my hands with

which is much too far off for you to expect to be asked to spend the holidays in, however fond your aunt and uncle may be of you. So the children were left in the care of old Nurse, who lived in Fitzroy Street, near the British Museum, and though she was always very kind to them, and indeed spoiled them far more than would be good for the most grown-up of us, the four children felt perfectly wretched, and when the cab had driven off with Father and all his boxes and guns and the sheepskin, with blankets and the aluminium mess-kit inside it, the stoutest heart quailed, and the girls broke down altogether, and sobbed in each others arms, while the boys each looked out of one of the long gloomy windo ray ban eyeglasses ws of the parlour, and tried to pretend that no boy would be such a muff as to cry ray ban eyeglasses . I hope you

impression that the little girl from the rooms below came in and gave me a coherent and graphic picture of life as I conceive it to have been in pre-dynastic Egypt. Strange what tricks the mind will play! I shall have to be more careful. He finished his bread conscientiously, and actually went for a mile walk before he went back to his work. Chapter 6 Chapter 6 THE WAY TO BABYLON How many miles to Babylon? Three score and ten! Can I get there by candle light? Yes, and back again! Jane was singing to her doll, rocking it to and fro in the house which she had made for herself and it. The roof of the house was the dining-table, and the walls were tablecl ray ban eyeglasses oths and antimacassars hangin ray ban eyeglasses g all round, and kept in their places by books laid on their top ends at the table edge. The others were tasting

reached to the roof. That figure was Poseidon, the Father of the City ray ban eyeglasses . He stood in a great chariot drawn by six enormous horses, and round abou ray ban eyeglasses t it were a hundred mermaids riding on dolphins. Ten men, splendidly dressed and armed only with sticks and ropes, were trying to capture one of some fifteen bulls who ran this way and that about the floor of the Temple. The children held their breath, for the bulls looked dangerous, and the great horned heads were swinging more and more wildly. Anthea did not like looking at the bulls. She looked about the gallery, and noticed that another staircase led up from it to a still higher storey; also that a door led out into the open air, where there seemed to be a balcony. So that when a shout went up and Robert whispered, Got him, and she looked down