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was supposed to have bee matte black ray ban n given opium in his coffee this morning. What else did he tell you? That was all he said. The woman resumed her seat: she appeared exhausted. Did you know that opium was kept in the cabinet up-stairs? I wasnt aware of it, she replied listlessly; though Im not surprised. Did Mr. Salveter know of it? Oh, undoubtedlyif it was actually there. He and Mr. Scarlett had charge of the medical supplies. Vance shot her a quick look. Although Hani would not admit it, he said, I am pretty sure that the tin of opium was fo matte black ray ban und in Mr. Salveters room. Yes? I could not help feeling that she rather expected this news. Certainly, it was no surprise to her. On the other hand, pursued Vance, it might have been found by Hani in your room. Impossible! It couldnt have been in my room! She

the study for Doctor Bliss. Oh, he told you about that, did he? … Yes, I handed him the book and went on up to my room. 27.Salveter was here referring to the Earl of Carnarvon, Colonel the Honorable Aubrey Herbert, General Sir Lee Stack, George J. Gould, Woolf Joel, Sir Archibald Douglas Reid, Professor Lafleur, H. G. Evelyn-White, and Professor Georges-Aaron Bénédite. Since that time two more names have been added to the fatal listthose of the Honorable Richard Bethell, secretary to Howard Carter, and Lord Westbury. 28.Theogonius was a friend of Simon Magus, who, because of his fear of the Emperor Calig matte black ray ban ula, pre matte black ray ban tended imbecility in order to hide his wisdom. Suetonius refers to him as Theogonius, but Scaliger, Casaubon and other historians give Telegenius as the correct spelling. The

entered the tea trade not because of necessity, but because he considered it a bad thing for a man to lead an idle life. Nevertheless, the chief object of his existence had always seemed to be the unravelling of mysteries of police and crime. Surely few men, even those professional investigators at Scotland Yard, held such a record of successes. He was a born detective, with a keen scent for clues, an ingenuity that was marvellous, and a patience and endurance that were inexhaustible. At Scotlan matte black ray ban d Yard the name of Ambler Jevons had for several year matte black ray ban s been synonymous with all that is clever and astute in the art of detecting crime. To be a good criminal investigator a man must be born such. He must be physically strong; he must be untiring in his search after truth; he must be able to scent a

be down again this afternoon. Lets finish, and take the ferry across. Thus persuaded I drained my ale, and together we went down to the ferry, landing at Kew Gardens, and crossing them until we emerged by the Unicorn Gate, almost opposite the house. There were loiterers still outside, men, women, and children, who lounged in the vicinity, staring blankly up at the drawn blinds. A constable in uniform admitted us. He had his lunch, a pot of beer and some bread and cheese which his wife had probably brought him, on the dining-room table, and we had disturbed him with his mouth full. He was the same man whom Ambler Jevons had seen in the morning, and as we entered he saluted, saying: Inspector matte black ray ban Thorpe has left a message for you, sir. Hell be back from the Yard about h matte black ray ban alf-past three, and would

But could it not have been done without the sacrifice of that mans life? she queried. Remember! The crime of murder was committed. You are only dreaming! he replied, in a hard voice. A mystery was necessary for our success. And it is a mystery which has entirely baffled the police in every particular. As I intended it should. I laid my plans with care, so that there should be no hitch or point by which Scotland Yard could obtain a clue. But our future life? she murmured. When may I return again to you? At present I am compelled to feign mourning, and present a perfect picture of interesting widowhood; butbut I hate this playing at death. Have patience, dear, he urged in a sympathetic tone. Fo matte black ray ban r the moment we must remain entirely apart, holding no communication with matte black ray ban each other save in secret,

having pleaded urgent consultations with patients, I took leave of Ethelwynn. We were alone, and I bent and kissed her lips in order to show her that my love and confidence had not one whit abated. Her countenance matte black ray ban brightened, and with sudden joy she flung her arms around my neck and returned my caress, pleadingRalph! You will forgiveyou will forgive me, wont you? I love you, dearest! was all that I could reply; and it was the honest truth, direct from a heart overburdened by mystery and suspicion. Then with a last kiss I turned and left her, driving with Ambler Jevons to catch the London train. Chapter 26 Chapter 26 AMBLER JEVONS IS BUSY. The sleepy-eyed tea-blender of Mark Lane remained plunged in a deep reverie during the greater part of the journey to town, and on arrival matte black ray ban at Kings Cross

white rat. Now you are not to look at that hutch whatever I say. He stood in front of it to prev matte black ray ban ent mistakes. Now get yourselves ready for a great surprise. In that hutch theres an old friend of oursDONT look!Yes; its the Psammead, the good old Psammead! it wants us to buy it. It says youre not to look at it. Look at the white rat and count your money! On your honour dont look! The others responded nobly. They looked at the white rat till they quite stared him out of countenance, so that he went and sat up on his hind legs in a far corner and hid his eyes with his front paws, and pretended he was washing his face. Cyril stooped again, busying himself with the other bootlace and l matte black ray ban istened for the Psammeads further instructions. Go in, said the Psammead, and ask the price of lots of other

scattered houses of wood and stone here and there among green orchards, and beyond these a great wall that shone red in the early morning matte black ray ban sun. The wall was enormously highmore than half the height of St Paulsand in the wall were set enormous gates that shone like gold as the rising sun beat on them. Each gate had a solid square tower on each side of it that stood out from the wall and rose above it. Beyond the wall were more towers and houses, gleaming with gold and bright matte black ray ban colours. Away to the left ran the steel-blue swirl of a great river. And the children could see, through a gap in the trees, that the river flowed out from the town under a great arch in the wall. Those feathery things along by the water are palms, said Cyril instructively. Oh, yes; you know everything, Robert replied.