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And you also know why he was killed? I know that, too. A sudden change had come over her. A strange combination of fear and animus possessed her; and the tr ray ban eyeglasses for women agic bitterness of her attitude stunned me. Heath let forth a queer, inarticulate ejaculation. You tell us who it was, he blurted vindictively, shaking his cigar in her face, or Ill arrest you as an accessory, or as a material witness… . Tut, tut, Sergeant! Vance rose and placed his hand pacifyingly on the others shoulder. Why be so precipitate? It wouldnt do you the slightest good to incarcerate Mrs. Bliss at this time… . And, d ye see, she may be wholly wrong in her diagnosis of the case. Markham projected himself into the scene. Have you any definite reasons for your opinion, Mrs. Bliss? he asked. Hav ray ban eyeglasses for women e you any specific evidence

light supper. So we ate down-stairs. Less bother. And what did the various members o ray ban eyeglasses for women f the household do after dinner? Hani went up-stairs at once, ray ban eyeglasses for women I believe. The doctor and Mrs. Bliss and I sat here in the drawing-room for an hour or so, when the doctor excused himself and went to his room. A little later Meryt-Amen went up-stairs, and I sat here until about half past ten trying to read. Thank you, Mr. Salveter. That will be all. Vance moved toward the hall. Only, I wish youd tell Mrs. Bliss and the doctor that we shant disturb them any more to-night. Well probably communicate with them tomorrow… . Lets go, Markham. Theres really nothing more we can do here. I could do a whole lot more, Heath objected with surly antagonism. But this case is being handled like a pink tea. Somebody in this

taken my M.B. and C.M. with highest honours, and three years later had graduated M.D., but my friends thought ray ban eyeglasses for women a good deal more of my success than I did, for they overlooked my shortcomings and magnified my talents. I suppose it was because my father had represented a county constituency in the House of Commons, and therefore I possessed that very useful advantage which is vaguely termed family influence, that I had been appointed assistant physician at Guys. My own practice was very small, therefore I ray ban eyeglasses for women devilled, as the lawyers would term it, for my chief, Sir Bernard Eyton, knight, the consulting physician to my hospital. Sir Bernard, whom all the smart world of London knew as the first specialist in nervous disorders, had his professional headquarters in Harley Street, but lived down at

If he has really absconded, it is an admission of guilt, I remarked. Most certainly, he replied. Its a suspicious circumstance, in any case, that he did not remain until the conclusion of the inquiry. We pulled the chest of drawers, a beaut ray ban eyeglasses for women iful piece of old S ray ban eyeglasses for women heraton, away from the door of the safe, and before placing the key in the lock my companion examined the exterior minutely. The key was partly rusted, and appeared as though it had not been used for many months. Could it be that the assassin was in search of that key and had been unsuccessful? He showed me the artful manner in which it had been concealed. The small hardy fern had been rooted up and stuck back again heedlessly into its pot. Certainly no one would ever have thought to search for a safe-key there. The dampness of the

position at present is one of constant dread. Whom and what do you fear? I believe that Dr. Boyd has some vague suspicion of the truth, she responded, after a pause. What? he cried, in quick surprise. Tell me why. Explain it all to me. There is nothing to explainsave that to-night he seemed to regard my movements with suspicion. Ah! my dear, your fears are utterly groundless, he laughed. What can the fellow possibly know? He is assured that I am dead, for he signed my certificate and followed me to my grave at Woking. A man who attends his friends funeral has no suspicion that the dead is still living, depend upon it. If there is any object in ray ban eyeglasses for women this world that is convincing it is a cor ray ban eyeglasses for women pse. I merely tell you the result of my observations, she said. In my opinion he has come here to learn

careful not to give the address to the driver while within my hearing. Ambler Jevons had b ray ban eyeglasses for women een born with the instincts o ray ban eyeglasses for women f a detective. The keenness of his intellect was perfectly marvellous. On leaving him I drove to Harley Street, where I found Sir Bernard busy with patients, and in rather an ill-temper, having been worried unusually by some smart woman who had been to consult him and had been pouring into his ear all her domestic woes. I do wish such women would go and consult somebody else, he growled, after he had been explaining her case to me. Same symptoms as all of them. Nervesowing to indigestion, late hours, and an artificial life. Wants me to order her to Carlsbad or somewhere abroadso that she can be rid of her husband for a month or so. I can see the reason plain enough. Shes

explained matters to the other ray ban eyeglasses for women s, while the Psammead hunched itself, and bunched itself, and did its very best to make itself look uninteresting. Then the four children filed into the shop. How much do you want for that white rat? asked Cyril. Eightpence, was the answer. And the guinea-pigs? Eighteenpence to five bob, according to the breed. And the lizards? Ninepence each. And toads? Fourpence. Now look here, said the greasy owner of all this caged life with a sudden ferocity which made the whole party back hurriedly on to the wainscoting of hutches with which the shop was lined. Lookee here. I aint agoin to have you a comin in here a turnin the whole place outer winder, an prizing every animile in the stock just for your larks, so dont think it! If you ray ban eyeglasses for women re a buyer, BE a buyerbut I never had

There was something at once simple and grand about thi ray ban eyeglasses for women s idea, and it pleased everyone. So when the work-people had passed they WERE work-people, the children felt sure, because they were dressed so plainlyjust one long blue shirt thingof blue or yellow the four children marched boldly up to the brazen gate between the towers. The arch above the gate was quite a tunnel, the walls were so thick. Courage, said Cyril. St ray ban eyeglasses for women ep out. Its no use trying to sneak past. Be bold! Robert answered this appeal by unexpectedly bursting into The British Grenadiers, and to its quick-step they approached the gates of Babylon. Some talk of Alexander, And some of Hercules, Of Hector and Lysander, And such great names as these. But of all the gallant heroes … This brought them to the threshold of the gate, and