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said nothing. Vance contemplated him ruminatingly. I understand, he said amicably, that Mr. Kyle has left you a considerable fortune in his will… . If Doctor Bliss should ask you to finance the continuation of his excavations in Egypt, would you do it? Id insis ray ban wayfarer mirror t upon it, even if he did not ask me. A fanatical light shone in Salveters eyes. That is, he added, as a reasoned af ray ban wayfarer mirror terthought, if Meryt-Amen approved. I would not care to go against her wishes. Ah! Vance had lit his cigarette and was smoking dreamily. And do you think she would disapprove? Salveter shook his head. No, I think she would do whatever the doctor wanted. A dutiful wifequo? Salveter bristled and sat up. Shes the straightest, most loyal Yes, yes. Vance exhaled a spiral of cigarette smoke. Spare me your adjectives… . I

upon Vances conduct. He was at sea and inclined, therefore, to be irritable. You apparently had no interest in determining who hurled the dagger at Blisss pillow. But, Markham old dear, I knew who hurled the bejewelled bodkin. Vance made a slight gesture of impatience. My only concern was with what the reporters call the events leading up to the crime. Markham realized it was of no use to ask, ray ban wayfarer mirror at this time, who had thrown the dagger; so he pursued his comments on Vances recent activities at the Bliss house. You might have got some helpful suggestions from Scarletthe evidently was in the museum during the entire time… . Even so, Markham, Vance countered, dont forget there is a thick double wall between the museum and the Bliss domicile, and that those steel doors are practically ray ban wayfarer mirror sound-

see that Mr. Courtenay was properly attended to by the nurse, and e ray ban wayfarer mirror xhibited a patience that I could not help but admire. Yes, the more I reflected upon it the more curious seemed that ill-assorted ménage. On her marriage Mary Mivart had declared that her new home in Devonshire was deadly dull, and had induced her indulgent husband to allow her sister to come and live with her, and Ethelwynn and her maid had formed part of the household ever since. We doctors, providing we have not a b ray ban wayfarer mirror rass plate in lieu of a practice, see some queer things, and being in the confidence of our patients, know of many strange and incomprehensible families. The one at Richmond Road was a case in point. I had gradually seen how young Mrs. Courtenay had tired of her wifely duties, until, by slow degrees, she had

correspondence which had been brought to such an abrupt conclusion by the letter I have printed in its entirety. It is a strange, romantic story, to say the least. Then you really believe that she is guilty? I exclaimed, hoarsely. He shrugged his shoulders significantly, but no word escaped his lips. In the silence that fell between us, I glanced at him. His chin was sunk upon his breast, his brows knit, his thin fingers toying idly with the plain gold ring. Well? I managed to exclaim at last. What shall we do? Do? he echoed. What can we do, my dear fellow? That womans future is in your hands. Why in mine? I asked. In yours also, surely? No, he answ ray ban wayfarer mirror ered resolutely, taking my hand and grasping it warmly. No, Ralph; I knowI can see how you are suffering. You believ ray ban wayfarer mirror ed her to be a pure and

distract her and urged her to accompany me abroad for a time, but all to no purpose. She wont hear of it. I alone knew the reason of her refusal. In conspiracy with her dead husband it was impossible to be apart from him for long together. The undue accentuation of her daughters feigned grief had alarmed the old ladyand justly so. Now that I recollected, her conduct at table on the previous night was remarkable, having regard to the true facts of the case. I confess I had myself been entirely deceived into believing that her sorrow at Henry Courtenays death was unbounded. In every detail her acting was perfect, and bound to attract sympathy among her friends and a ray ban wayfarer mirror rouse interest among stran ray ban wayfarer mirror gers. I longed to explain to the quiet, charming old lady what I had seen during my midnight ramble;

thought ray ban wayfarer mirror , his hands chafed with suppressed agitation, and he took a second brandy-and-soda, an unusual indulgence, which betrayed an absent mind. At length he rose, carefully brushed his silk hat, settled the hang of his frock-coat before the glass, tugged at his cravat, and then, putting on his light overcoat, announced his readiness to set out. About half-an-hour later our cab set us down in Upper Street, Isling-ton, close to the Agricultural Hall, and, proceeding on foot a ray ban wayfarer mirror short distance, we turned up a kind of court, over the entrance of which a lamp was burning, revealing the words Lecture Hall. Jevons produced two tickets, whereupon we were admitted into a long, low room filled by a mixed audience consisting of men. Upon the platform at the further end was a man of middle age, with

didnt know what would happen if he did. That cant be done again. Its played out. Then you cant help us at all, said Jane; ohI did think you could do something; Ive been thinking about it ever since we saved your life yesterday. I thought youd be certain to be able to fetch back ray ban wayfarer mirror Father, even if you couldnt manage Mother. And Jane began to cry. Now DONT, said the Psammead hastily; you know how it always upsets me if you cry. I cant feel safe a moment. Look here; you must have some new kind of charm. Thats ea ray ban wayfarer mirror sier said than done. Not a bit of it, said the creature; theres one of the strongest charms in the world not a stones throw from where you bought me yesterday. The man that I bit sothe first one, I meanwent into a shop to ask how much something costI think he said it was a concertinaand

Queen; a things not done unless someone does it. And you mustnt interrupt. Then came a woman, in tears, with a torn veil and real ashes on her headat least Anthea thought so, but it may have been only road-dust. She complained that her husband was in prison. What for? said the Queen. They SAID it was for speaking evil of your Majesty, said the woman, but it wasnt. Someone had a spite against him. That was what it was. How do you know he hadnt spoken evil of me? said the Queen. No one could, said the woman simply, whe ray ban wayfarer mirror n theyd once seen your beautiful face. Let the man out, said the Queen, smiling. Next case. The next case was that of a boy who had stolen a fox. Like the Spartan boy, whispered Robert. But the Queen ruled that nobody could ray ban wayfarer mirror have any possible reason for owning a fox, and still