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did you enter the museum this morning? Salveter hesitated. Then throwing his head back he looked challengingly at Vance. I left the house a little a ray ban white aviators fter nine. When I got to Fifth Avenue it suddenly occurred to me I hadnt made an inspection of the museum; and for some reason I was worried. I couldnt tell you why I felt that waybut I did. Maybe because of the new shipment that arrived yesterday. Anyway, I turned back, let myself in with my key, and went into the museum About half past nine? That would be about right. And no one saw you re-enter the house? I hardly think so. In any event, I didnt see any one. Vance gazed at him languidly. Suppose you finish the recital… . If you dont care to, Ill finish it for you. You wont have to. Salveter tossed his cigarette into a cloiso ray ban white aviators nné dish on the

for apocalyptic events to hap ray ban white aviators pen. Give me twenty-four hours. Then, if we havent received further guidance from the gentleman who is pullin the strings you may turn Heath loose on the family. It was less than twenty-four hours when the culminating event occurred. The fourteenth of July will always remain in my memory as one of the most terrible and exciting days of my life; and as I set down this record of the case, years later, I can hardly refrain from a shudder. I do not dare think of what might have happenedof what soul-stirring injustice migh ray ban white aviators t have been perpetrated in good faithhad not Vance seen the inner machinations of the diabolical plot underlying Kyles murder, and persisted in his refusal to permit Markham and Heath taking the obvious course of arresting Bliss. Vance told me

that reminded one of Raphaels Madonna in Florence, indeed almost its counterpart. Her beauty had been remarked everywhere. She had sat to a well-known R.A. for his Academy picture two years before, and the artist had declared ray ban white aviators her to be one of the most perfect types of English beauty. Was it any wonder, then, that I was in love with her? Was it any wonder that those wonderful dark ray ban white aviators eyes held me beneath their spell, or those dark locks that I sometimes stroked from off her fair white brow should be to me the most beautiful in all the world? Man is but mortal, and a beautiful woman always enchants. As she sat before me in her evening gown of some flimsy cream stuff, all frills and furbelows, she seemed perfect in her loveliness. The surroundings suited her to perfectionthe old Chippendale and

that will you give me a vow of secrecy? I asked, quickly. Recollect that such a step is a serious offence against the law. When I pass out of this room I shall have no further recollection of ever having seen any letters, he answered, again giving me his hand. In this matter my desire is only to help you. If, as you believe, Ethelwynn is innocent, then no harm can be done in destroying the letters, whe ray ban white aviators reas if she is actually the assassin she must, sooner or later, betray her guilt. A woman may be clever, but she can never successfully cover the crime of murder. Then you are willing that I, as finder of those le ray ban white aviators tters, shall burn them? And further, that no word shall pass regarding this discovery? Most willing, he replied. Come, he added, commencing to gather them together. Let us lose no

rly midday. Until two oclock I was kept busy in the wards, and after a sandwich and a glass of sherry I drove to Harley Street, where I found Sir Bernard in his consulting-room for the first time for a month. Ah! Boyd, he cried merrily, when I entered. Thought Id surprise you to-day. I felt quite well this morning, so resolved to come up and see L ray ban white aviators ady Twickenham and one or two others. Im not at home to patients, and have left them to you. Delighted to see you better, I declared, wringing his hand. They were asking after you at the hospital to-day. Vernon said he intended going down to see you to-morrow. Kind of him, the old man laughed, placing his thin hands together, after rubbing and readjusting his glasses. You were away last night; out of town, they s ray ban white aviators aid. Yes, I wanted a breath of

that her knees nearly touched his. It was a case of nervous Hémianopsie, or one-eyed vision, he explained. Now the existence of this has always been denied, therefore the experiment was of the most intense interest to every medical man present. First the doctor, after ordering the ray ban white aviators patient to look him straight in the face, held a pencil on the left side of her head, and found that, in common with most of us, she was conscious of its presence without moving her eyes, even when it was almost at the level of her ear. Then he tried the same experiment on the right side of the face, when it was at once plain that the power of lateral vision had broken downfor she answered, No, sir. No, no, as he moved th ray ban white aviators e pencil to and fro with the inquiry whether she could see it. Nevertheless he demonstrated

Psammead said sharply, NoI dont suppose you can. At last they came to THE shop. It had ray ban white aviators all sorts and kinds of things in the windowconcertinas, and silk handkerchiefs, china vases and teacups, blue Japanese jars, pipes, swords, pistols, lace collars, silver spoons tied up in half-dozens, and wedding-rings in a red lacquered basin. There were officers epaulets and doctors lancets. There were tea-caddies inlaid with red turtle-shell and brass curly-wurlies, plates of different kinds of money, and ray ban white aviators stacks of different kinds of plates. There was a beautiful picture of a little girl washing a dog, which Jane liked very much. And in the middle of the window there was a dirty silver tray full of mother-of-pearl card counters, old seals, paste buckles, snuff-boxes, and all sorts of little dingy odds

said Robert. NoyouCyril, said Anthea. Dont you remember how pleased the Queen of India was when you told her all about us? Cyril muttered that it was all very well, and so it was. For when he had told the tale of the Phoenix and the Carpet to the Ranee, it had been only the truthand all the truth that he had to tell. But now it was not easy to tell a convincing story without mentioning the Amuletwhich, of course, it wouldnt have done to mentionand without owning that they were really living in London, about 2,500 years later than the time they were talking in. Cyril took r ray ban white aviators efuge in the tale of the Psammead and its wonderful power of making wishes come true. The children had never been able to tell anyone before, and ray ban white aviators Cyril was surprised to find that the spell which kept them silent in London