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the little desk-table by the obelisk when Uncle Ben opened the door. I heard him say something to Brush, and I got up to greet him. It was rather dark, and he didnt see me till hed reached the floor of the museum. And then? I knew he ray ban mirror sunglasses wanted to inspect the new treasures; so I ran along. Went to the Metropolitan Your uncle seemed in normal good spirits when he came into the museum? About as usuala bit grouchy perhaps. He was never over-pleasant in the forenoons. But that didnt mean anything. You left the museum immediately after greeting him? At once. I hadnt realized Id be ray ban mirror sunglasses en so long fussing over the papyrus; and I hurried away. Another thing, I knew hed come to see Doctor Bliss on a pretty important matter, and I didnt want to be in the way. Vance nodded but gave no indication whether or

given no further information about it. Because of this small object, which was the one evide ray ban mirror sunglasses ntial detail that had been vouchsafed, the papers, always on the lookout for identifying titles, named the tragedy the Scarab murder case; and that appellation has clung to it to the present day. Even those persons who have forgotten the name of Benjamin H. Kyle still remember the sensation caused by his murder, as a result of that ancient piece of lapis-lazuli carved with the name of an Egyptian Pharaoh of the year 1650 B.C. Vance read the accounts with a cynical smile. Poor Markham! he murmured. Unless something definite happens very soon, the anti-administration critics will desce ray ban mirror sunglasses nd on him like a host of trolls. I see that Heath has announced to the world that the District Attorneys office has

confidence that Mr. Courtenay was distinctly weaker. Yes, I said, Sir Bernard told me that, but I must confess that tonight I find a decided improv ray ban mirror sunglasses ement in him. Hes sitting up quite lively. Very different to a month ago, my well-beloved remarked. Do you recollect when Short went to London in a hansom and brought you down at three in the morning? I gave up all hope when I saw him on that occasion, I said; but he certainly seems to have taken a new lease of life. Do you think he really has? she inquired with an undisguised eagerness which struck me as distinctly curious. Do you believe that Sir Bernards fears are after all ungrounded? I looked a ray ban mirror sunglasses t her surprised. She had never before evinced such a keen interest in her sisters husband, and I was puzzled. I really cant give an opinion, I

Our medical evidence had produced a sensation, for we had been agreed that to inflict such a wound with any instrument which could pass through the exterior orifice was an absolute impossibility. Sir Bernard and myself were still both bewildered. In the consulting room at Harley St ray ban mirror sunglasses reet we had discussed it a dozen times, but could arrive at no definite conclusion as to how such a terrible wound could possibly have been caused. I noticed a change in Sir Bernard. He seemed mopish, thoug ray ban mirror sunglasses htful, and somewhat despondent. Usually he was a busy, bustling man, whose manner with his patients was rather brusque, and who, unlike the majority of my own profession, went to the point at once. There is no profession in which one is compelled to exercise so much affected patience and courtesy as in the

guilty of such lapse of professional attention. Yet even we doctors are human, although our patients frequently forget that fact. The medico is a long-suffering person, even in these days of scarcity of properly-qualified menthe first person called on emergency, and the very last to be paid! It was past five oclock before I ray ban mirror sunglasses was able to return to my rooms, and on arrival I found upon my table a note from Jevons. It was dated from the Yorick Club, a small but exceedingly comfortable Bohemian centre in Bedford Street, Covent Garden, and had evidently been written hurriedly on the previous night: I hear you are absent in t ray ban mirror sunglasses he country. That is unfortunate. But as soon as you receive this, lose no time in calling at the Hennikers and making casual inquiries regarding Miss Mivart. Something has

which greatly interf ray ban mirror sunglasses ered with her work. Some of the questions were inconvenientuntil, in answer to one regarding her father, she gave a cry that Poor father died last year, and broke into an agony of weeping. In a moment the doctor took up an anthropometric instrument from the table, and made a movement as though to touch her presumably insensible hand. Ah, youll hurt me! she said. Presently, while her attention was attracted in another direction, he touched the hand with the instrument, when she drew it back with a yell of pain, showing that the belief that her hand was insensible was entirely due to hysteria. He analysed her case just as he ray ban mirror sunglasses had done the first, and declared that by a certain method of treatment, too technical to be here explained, a complete cure could be effected.

lets get home. We cant stand here like stuck-pigs looking at it in the street. So home they went. ray ban mirror sunglasses The parlour in Fitzroy Street was a very flat background to magic happenings. Down in the country among the flowers and green fields anything had seemedand indeed had beenpossible. But it was hard to believe that anything really wonderful could happen so near the Tottenham Court Road. But the Psammead was thereand it in itself was wonderful. And it could talkand it had shown them where a charm could be bought that would make the owner of it perfectly happy. So the four children hurried home, taking very long steps, with their chins stuck out, and their mouths shut very tight indeed. They went so fast that the Psammead was qu ray ban mirror sunglasses ite shaken about in its fish-bag, but it did not say anythingperhaps

characters, and what a strange flat surface! said the Queen. What have you inscribed? Ive scribed, replied Cyril cautiously, that you are fair, and aand like alike a festival; and that she need not be afraid, and that she is to come at once. Ritti-Marduk, who had come in and had stood waiting while Cyril wrote, his Babylonish eyes nearly starting out of his Babylonish head, now took the letter, with some reluctance. O Queen, live for ever! Is it a charm? he timidly asked. A strong charm, most great lady? YES, said Robert, un ray ban mirror sunglasses expectedly, it IS a charm, but it wont hurt anyone until youve given it to Jane. And then shell destroy it, so that it CANT hurt anyone. Its most awful strong!as strong asPeppermint ray ban mirror sunglasses ! he ended abruptly. I know not the god, said Ritti-Marduk, bending timorously. Shell