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not he unreservedly accepted the others statements. He sat smoking lazily, his eyes impassive and mild. And during the next twenty minutes, ray ban number he mused,that is between ten oclock and ten-twenty, at which time Mr. Scarlett entered the mu-seumyour uncle was killed. Salveter winced. So it seems, he mumbled. Buthe shot his jaw outI didnt have anything to do with it! Thats straight,take it or leave it. There, now; dont be indelicate, Vance admonished him quietly. I dont have to take it and I dont have to leave it, d ye see? I may choose merely to dall ray ban number y with it. Dally and be damned! Vance got to his feet leisurely, and there was a chilly smile on his facea smile more deadly than any contortion of anger could have been. I dont like your language, Mr. Salveter, he said slowly. Oh, dont you! The man

taken full charge of the caseā€¦ . He smoked meditatively for a ray ban number time. Then he telephoned to Salveter and asked him to come at once to his apartment. Im hopin to remove every possibility of disaster, he explained to me as he hung up the receiver; though Im quite certain another attempt to hoodwink us will be made before any desperate measures are taken. For the next fifteen minutes he stretched out lazily and closed his eyes. I thought he had fallen asleep, but when Currie softly opened the door to announce Salveter, Vance bade him show the visitor up before the old man could speak. Salveter entered a minute later looking anxious and puzzled. Sit down, Mr. Salveter. V ray ban number ance waved him indolently to a chair. Ive been thinkin about Queen Hetep-hir-es and the Boston Museum. Have you any business

responded mechanically, for want of something or other to say. It was curious, that question of hersvery curious. Yet after all I was in loveand all lovers are fools in their jealousy. Chapter 4 Chapter 4 A NIGHT CALL. Do you know, Ralph, she faltered presently, I have a faint suspicion that you are annoyed about something. What is it? Be frank now a ray ban number nd tell me. ray ban number Annoyed? I laughed. Not at all, dearest. Nervous and impatient, perhaps. You must make allowances for me. A doctors life is full of professional worries. Ive had a trying day at the hospital, and I suppose Im quarrelsomeeh? No, not quarrelsome, but just inclined to be a little suspicious. Suspicious? Of what? Her womans power of penetration to the innermost secrets of the heart was marvellous. Of me? How absurd! I exclaimed. Why

profession of medicine. Patients will bore you to death with long and tedious histories of all their ailments since the days when they chewed a gutta-percha teeth ray ban number ing-ring, and to appear impatient is to court a reputation for flippancy and want of attention. Great men may hold up their hands and cry Enough! But small men must sit with pencil poised, apparently intensely interested, and listen through until the patient has exhausted his long-winded recollections of all his ills. Contrary to his usual custom, Sir Bernard did not now return to Hove each evening, but remained at Harley Streetdining alone off a chop or a steak, and going out afterwards, probably to his c ray ban number lub. His change of manner surprised me. I noticed in him distinct signs of nervous disorder; and on several afternoons he sent

happened, but what it is I have failed to discover. You stand a better chance. Go at once. I must leave for Bath tonight. Address me at the Royal Hotel, G. W. Station. Ambler Jevons. What could have transpired? And why had my friends movements been so exceedingly erratic of late, if he had not been following some clue? Would that clue lead him to the truth, I wondered? Or was he still suspicious of Ethelwynns guilt? Puzzled by this vague note, and wondering what had occurred, and whether the trip to Bath was in connection wit ray ban number h it, I made a hasty toilet and drove in a ray ban number hansom to the Hennikers. Mrs. Henniker met me in the drawing-room, just as gushing and charming as ever. She was one of those many women in London who seek to hang on to the skirts of polite society by reason of a distant

Another case of hysteria followed, and then a terrible exhibition of a wild-haired woman suffering from what the lecturer described as a crise des nerfs, which caused her at will to execute all manner of horrible contortions as though she were possessed. She threw herself on the floor on her back, with her body arched so that it rested only on her head and heels, while she delivered kicks at those in front of her, not with her toes, but w ray ban number ith her heels. Meanwhile her face was so congested as to appear almost black. Th ray ban number e audience were, I think, relieved when the poor unfortunate woman, calmed by Deboutins method of suggestion, was led quietly away, and her place taken by a slim, red-haired girl of more refined appearance than the others, but with a strange stony stare as though unconscious of

for fear of attracting public notice. Th ray ban number ey got home at last, very hot indeed, and set the Psammead on the green tablecloth. Now then! said Cyril. But the Psammead had to have a plate of sand fetched for it, for it was quite faint. When it had refreshed itself a little it said Now then! Let me see the charm, and Anthea laid it on the green table-cover. The Psammead shot out his long eyes to look at it, then it turned them reproachfully on Anthea and said But theres only half of it here! This was indeed a blow. It was all there was, said Anthea, with timid firmness. She knew it was not her fault. There should be another piece, said the Psammead, and a sort of pin to fasten the two t ray ban number ogether. Isnt half any good?Wont it work without the other bit?It cost seven-and-six.Oh, bother, bother, bother

tear it up directly she gets it, said Robert, Thatll end the charm. You neednt be afraid if you go now. Ritti-Marduk went, seeming only partly satisfied; and then the Queen began to admire the penny account-book and the bit of pencil in so ray ban number marked and significant a way that Cyril felt he could not do less than press them upon her as a gift. She ruffled the leaves delightedly. What a wonderful substance! she said. And with this style you make charms? Make a charm for me! Do you know, her voice sank to a whisper, the names of the great ones of your own far ray ban number country? Rather! said Cyril, and hastily wrote the names of Alfred the Great, Shakespeare, Nelson, Gordon, Lord Beaconsfield, Mr Rudyard Kipling, and Mr Sherlock Holmes, while the Queen watched him with unbaited breath, as Anthea said