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compelled to have youand Mrs. Blissarrested for conspiring to murder Mr. Kyle. Salveter was completely subdued. He looked at his antagonist in ludicrous amazement. Then suddenly Vances words seemed to seep into his astonished brain. Mrs. Bliss ray ban junior ? … She had nothing to do with it, I tell you! His tone, though highly animated, was respectful. If itll save her from any suspicion, Ill confess to the crime… . No need for any such heroism. Vance had resumed his seat and was again smoking calmly. But you might tell us why, when you came into the museum this afternoon and learned of your uncles death, you didnt mention the fact that youd seen him at ten oclock. II was too upsettoo shocked, the man stammered. And I was afraid. Self-protect ray ban junior ive instinct, maybe. I cant explainreally I cant. I should

could probably see Doctor Reisner away from his office, and go into the matter at leisure with him. That being the case, suppose you hop a train to-night after dinner. Come back, let us say, to-morrow night. Any objection? Salveters puzzlement gave way to astonishment. Whyno, he stammered. No particular objection. But Would Doctor Bliss think it strange if you jumped out on such sudden notice? I couldnt say. Probably not. The museum isnt a particularly pleasant place just now… . Well, I want you to go, Mr. Salveter. Vance abandoned his lounging demeanor and sat up. And I want you to go without question or argument… . Theres no possibility of Doctor Blisss forbidding you to go, is there? Oh, nothing like that, Salvet ray ban junior er assured him. ray ban junior He may think its queer, my running off at just this time;

a trifle dull with her husband it is surely no reason why I should be blame ray ban junior d for it, she said, in a tone of mild complaint. No, you entirely misunderstand me, I said. No blame whatever attaches to you. Your sisters actions are no affair of ours. It is merely a pity that she cannot see her error. With her husband lying ill she should at least remain at home. She declares that she has suffered martyrdom for his sake long enough, my ray ban junior well-beloved said. Perhaps she is right, for between ourselves the old gentleman is a terrible trial. That is only to be expected from one suffering from such a disease. Yet it can serve no excuse for his wife taking up with that gay set, the Penn-Pagets and the Hennikers. I must say Im very surprised. And so am I, Ralph. But what can I do? Im utterly powerless.

public. Active inquiries are still in progress. No further medical evidence? asked the coroner. I turned towards Sir Bernard inquiringly, and as I did so my eye caught a face hidden by a black veil, seated among the public at the far side of the room. It was Ethelwynn herselfcome there to watch the proceedings and hear with her own ears whether the police had obtained traces of the assassin! Her anxious countenance shone through her veil haggard and white; her eyes were fixed upo ray ban junior n the Coroner. She hung breathlessly upon his every word. We have no further evidence, replied the inspector. There was a pause. The public who were there in search of some solu ray ban junior tion of the bewildering mystery which had been published in every paper through the land, were disappointed. They had expected at least to

with us. I laughed at her unconventional greeting, replying, If I say something fresh it must be a lie. You know, Mrs. Henniker, how hard Im kept at it, with hospital work and private practice. Thats all very well, she said, with a slight pout of her well-shaped mouthfor she was really a pretty woman, even though full ray ban junior of airs and caprices. But it doesnt excuse you for keepin ray ban junior g away from us altogether. I dont keep away altogether, I protested. Ive called now. She pulled a wry face, in order to emphasise her dissatisfaction at my explanation, and said: And I suppose you are prepared to receive castigation? Ethelwynn has begun to complain because people are saying that your engagement is broken off. Who says so? I inquired rather angrily, for I hated all the tittle-tattle of that little circle

introduce the subject. His appearance there was certainly quite unexpected, but as I glanced at Ambler I saw a look of triumph in his face. We were sitting at the back of the hall, and I knew that Sir Bernard, being short-sighted, could not recognise us at the distance. I ray ban junior am here at Doctor Fultons invitation to meet our great maste ray ban junior r, Professor Deboutin, of whom for many years I have been a follower. Then he went on to express the pleasure it gave him to demonstrate before them a case which he declared was not at all uncommon, although hitherto unsuspected by medical men. Behind the chair of the new-comer stood the strange-looking old ladywho answered for her grand-daughter, the latter being mute. Her case was one, Sir Bernard explained, of absence of will. With a few quick questions he

plainly that his errand had been in vain. Well? they all said, hoping against hope on the front-door step. No go, Cyril answered; the man said the thing was perfect. He said it was a Roman ladys locket, and people shouldnt buy curios if they didnt know anything about arkysomething or other, and that he never went back on a bargain, because it wasnt ray ban junior business, and he expected his customers to act the same. He was simply nastythats what he was, and I ray ban junior want my dinner. It was plain that Cyril was not pleased. The unlikeliness of anything really interesting happening in that par-lour lay like a weight of lead on everyones spirits. Cyril had his dinner, and just as he was swallowing the last mouthful of apple-pudding there was a scratch at the door. Anthea opened it and in walked the Psammead.

is that the King has gone Excuse me, but you should say the King may-he-live-for-ever, said the Queen gently. I beg your pardon, Anthea hastened to saythe King may-he-livefor-ever has gone to fetch home his fourteenth wife? I dont think even Bluebeard had as many as that. And, besides, he hasnt killed YOU at any rate. The Queen looked bewildered. She means, ex ray ban junior plained Robert, that English kings only have one wifeat least, Henry the ray ban junior Eighth had seven or eight, but not all at once. In our country, said the Queen scornfully, a king would not reign a day who had only one wife. No one would respect him, and quite right too. Then are all the other thirteen alive? asked Anthea. Of course they arepoor mean-spirited things! I dont associate with them, of course, I am the Queen: theyre only the wives.