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could not understand Vances indifferent att ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm itude. The fact is I got interested in a papyrus we picked up last winter, and tried to work out a few of the words that stumped me. There were the words ankhet, wash, and tema that I couldnt translate. Vance frowned slightly; then his eyebrows lifted. Ankhet … wash … tema… . He iterated the words slowly ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm . Was the ankhet written with or without a determinative? Salveter did not answer at once. With the animal-skin determinative, he said presently. And was the next word really wash and not was? Again he hesitated, and looked uneasily at Vance. It was wash, I think… . And tema was written with a double flail. Not the sledge ideogram, eh? … Now, thats most interestin.And during your linguistic throes your uncle walked in. Yes. I was sitting at

or so reading the accounts of Kyles murder. Heath had been highly discreet about giving out the facts, and only the barest skeleton of the story was available to the press. But the prominence of Kyle and the distinguished reputation of Doctor Bliss resulted in the murder creating a tremendous furore. It was emblazoned across the front page of every metropolitan journal, and there were long reviews of Blisss Egyptological work and the financial interest taken in it by the dead p ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm hilanthropist. The general theory se ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm emed to beand I recognized the Sergeants shrewd hand in itthat some one from the street had entered the museum, and, as an act of vengeance or enmity, had killed Kyle with the first available weapon. Heath had told the reporters of the finding of the scarab beside the body, but had

lady, who lived alone at the Manor. To me it had always been a mystery why the craving for gaiety and amusement had never seized Ethelwynn. She was by far the more beautiful of the pair, the smartest in dress, and the wittier in speech, for possessed of a keen sense of humour, she was interesting as well as handsomethe two qualities which are par excellence necess ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm ary for a woman to attain social success. She stirred slightly as she broke the silence, and then I detected in her a nervousness which I had not noticed on first entering the room. Sir Bernard Eyton was down here yesterday and spent over an hour with the old gentleman. They sent the nurse out of the room and talked together for a long tim ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm e, upon some private business, nurse thinks. When Sir Bernard came down he told me in

destroyed, all traces of their remains effaced and the safe re-locked, we went downstairsnot, however, befor ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm e my companion had made a satisfactory explanation to the constable and entirely misled him as to what we had been doing. Chapter 12 Chapter 12 I RECEIVE A VISITOR. The adjourned inquest was resumed on the day appointed in the big room ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm at the Star and Garter at Kew, and the public, eager as ever for sensational details, overflowed through the bar and out into the street, until the police were compelled to disperse the crowd. The evening papers had worked up all kinds of theories, some worthy of attention, others ridiculous; hence the excitement and interest had become intense. The extraordinary nature of the wound which caused Mr. Courtenays death was the chief element of mystery.

good deal of the ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm suspicion regarding my well-beloved; and, in consequence, I was not desirous that any further hostile word should be uttered against her. While Sir Bernard went out to visit her ladyship and two or three other nervous women living in the same neighbourhood, I seated myself in his chair and saw the afternoon callers one after another. I fear that the advice I gave during those couple of hours was not very notable for its shrewdness or brilliancy. As in other professions, so in medicine, when ones brain is overflowing with private affairs, one cannot attend properly to patients. On such occasions one is apt to ask the usual questions mechanically, hear the replies and scribble a prescription of some harmless formula. On the afternoon i ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm n question I certainly believe myself

that even a layman could follow them. At last the doctor awoke the patient, and was about to proceed with another experiment when his quick eye noticed a hardly-perceptible flutter of the eyelids. Ah, you are tired, he said. It is enough. And he conducted he ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm r to the little side door that gave exit from the platform. The next case was one of the kind which is always the despair of doctorshysteria. A girl, accompanied by her mother, a neatly-dressed, respectable-looking body, was led forward, but her hands were trembling, and her face ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm working so nervously that the doctor had to reassure her. With a true cockney accent she said that she lived in Mile End, and worked at a pickle factory. Her symptoms were constant headache, sudden falls, and complete absence of sensation in her left hand,

be the one, it said to Anthea. Well wait out here. So the oth ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm ers flattened their noses against the shop window, and presently a large, dirty, short-fingered hand with a very big diamond ring came stretching through the green half-curtains at the back of the shop window and took away the tray. They could not see what was happening in the interview between Anthea and the Diamond Ring, and it seemed to them that she had had timeif she had had moneyto buy everything in the shop before the moment came when she stood before them, her face wreathed in grins, as Cyril said later, and in her hand th ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm e charm. It was something like this: Drawing omitted.] and it was made of a red, smooth, softly shiny stone. Ive got it, Anthea whispered, just opening her hand to give the others a glimpse of it. Do

her hands. May I send a letter? asked Cyril, pulling out a red-backed penny account-book, and feeling in his pockets for a stump of pencil that he knew was in one of them. By all means. Ill call my scribe. Oh, I can scribe right enough, thanks, said Cyril, finding the pencil and licking its point. He even had to bite the wood a little, for it was very blunt. Oh, you clever, clever boy! said the Queen. DO let me watch you do it! ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm Cyril wrote on a leaf of the bookit was of rough, woolly paper, with hairs that stuck out and would have got in his pen i ray ban wayfarer 2140 50mm f he had been using one, and ruled for accounts. Hide IT most carefully before you come here, he wrote, and dont mention itand destroy this letter. Everything is going A1. The Queen is a fair treat. Theres nothing to be afraid of. What curious