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case, and who reported on the all-night light at the Drukker house in the Bishop murder case. taxi and followed him up-town. He got off at Grand Central Station and hurried to the ticket office. Whens the next train for Montreal? he asked. Four fo ray ban prescription eyewear rty-five, the guy told him. Gimme a through ticket, he said… . It was then four oclock; and the doc walked to the gate and s ray ban prescription eyewear tood there, waiting. Guilfoyle came up to him and said: Going for a jaunt to Canada? The doc got haughty and refused to answer. Anyway, said Guilfoyle, I dont think youll leave the country to-day. And taking the doc by the arm, he led him to a telephone booth… . Guilfoyles on his way here with your innocent friend. The Sergeant rocked back and forth on his feet. What do you think of that, sir? Vance regarded him

Couldnt you get any suggestions out of the rest of the household? he asked. Any number of suggestions. All of em conflictin, and most of em silly. So were toddlin along home. Happened to see the light under the door and was overcome with curiosity… . Quitting now? Yes. Scarlett took up his hat. Id have knocked off long a ray ban prescription eyewear go but didnt realize how late it was. We all left the house together. A heavy silence had fallen over us, and it was not until Sca ray ban prescription eyewear rlett paused in front of his quarters that any one of us spoke. Then Vance said: Good-night. Dont let the dagger disturb your slumbers. Scarlett waved an abstracted adieu. Thanks, old man, he rejoined. Ill try to follow your advice. Vance had taken several steps when he turned suddenly. And I say, Scarlett; if I were you Id keep away from the

which he surreptitiously ate as dessert. Indeed, he was finishing his last sandwich when I entered, and his mouth was full. It may have been that smal ray ban prescription eyewear l fact which caused me to hesitate. At any rate, sitting there with those big round eyes peering forth upon me, I felt the ray ban prescription eyewear absurdity of the situation. Presently, when he had finished his sandwich, carefully brushed the crumbs from his blotting-pad and cast the bag into the waste-paper basket, he raised his head and with his big eyes again blinking through his spectacles, said: Youve had no call to poor old Courtenay, I suppose? No, I responded. Why? Because hes in a bad way. Worse? Yes, he replied. Im rather anxious about him. Hell have to keep to his bed, I fear. I did not in the least doubt this. Old Mr. Henry Courtenay, one of the

that you loved me, and urged me to marry you. At first I laughed at your proposal; then when I found you really serious, I pointed out the difference of our ages. You, in return, declared that you loved me with all the ardour of a young man; that I was your ideal; and you promised, by all you held most sacred, that if I consented I should never regret. I believed you, and believed the false words of feigned devotion which you wrote to me later under seal of strictest secrecy. You went to Cairo, an ray ban prescription eyewear d none knew of our secretthe secret that you intended to make me your wife. And how have you kept your promise? To-day my father ha ray ban prescription eyewear s informed me that you are to marry Mary! Imagine the blow to me! My father expects me to rejoice, little dreaming how I have been fooled; how lightly you have treated

dead mans suggestion and with his entire consent. But the more I reflected upon the extraordinary details of the tragedy and its astounding dénouement, the more hopeless and maddening became the problem. I shall probably go to town to-morrow, she exclaimed, after smiling at his declaration. Where are you in hiding just now? In Birmingham. A large town is safer than a village. I return by the six oclock train, and go again into close concealment. But you know people in Birmingham, dont you? We stayed there once with some people called Tremlett, I recollect. Ah, yes, he laughed. But I am careful to avoid ray ban prescription eyewear them. The district in which I live is far removed from them. Besides, I never by any chance go ou ray ban prescription eyewear t by day. Im essentially a nocturnal roamer. And when shall we meet again? By appointment,

and fidgety in a manner quite unusual; but to my inquiries regarding the success of his investigations he remained dumb. Have you discovered anything? I asked, eagerly, on the occasion of his second ray ban prescription eyewear visit. He hesitated, at length answering Yesand no. I must see Ethelwynn without delay. Telegraph and ask her to meet you here. I want to ask her a question. Do you still suspect her? He shrugged his shoulders with an air of distinct vagueness. Wire to her to-night, he urg ray ban prescription eyewear ed. Your man can take the message down to the Charing Cross office, and shell get it at eight oclock in the morning. The funeral is over, so there is nothing to prevent her coming to town. I was compelled to agree to his suggestion, although loth to again bring pain and annoyance to my love. I knew how she had suffered when, a

should have died. I saw him wash out a guinea-pigs hutch yesterday morning. Im still frightfully sleepy, I think Ill go back to sand for another nap. Wake the boys and this dormouse of a Jane, and when youve had your breakfasts well have a talk. Dont YOU want any breakfast? asked Anthea. I daresay I shall pick a bit presently, it said; but sand is all I care aboutits meat and drink to me, and coals and fire and wife and children. With these words it clambered down by the bedclothes and scrambled back into the bath, where they heard it scratching itself out of sight. Well! said ray ban prescription eyewear Anthea, anyhow our holidays wont be dull NOW. Weve found the Psammead again. No, said Jane, beginning to put on her stockings. We shant be dullbut it ray ban prescription eyewear ll be only like having a pet dog now it cant give us wishes. Oh,

day sun. All sorts of people were passing up the steps to seek audience of the Queen. Ladies in richly-embroidered dres ray ban prescription eyewear ses with fringy flounces, poor folks in plain and simple clothes, dandies with beards oiled and curled. And Cyril, Robert, Anthea and Jane, went with the crowd. At the gate of the palace the Psammead put one eye cautiously out of the basket and whispered I cant be bothered with queens. Ill go home with this lady. Im sure shell get me some sand if you ask her to. Oh! dont leave us, said Jane. The woman was giving some last instructions in Court etiquette to Anthea, and did not hear Jane. Dont be a little muff, said the Psammead quite fiercely. Its not a bit of good your having a charm. Yo ray ban prescription eyewear u never use it. If you want me youve only got to say the name of power and ask the