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contrary.What do you suggest we do next?interview Salveter? Precisely. Vance nodded with unwonted seriousness. That bigoted lad fits conspicuously into the picture; and his presence on the tapis now is, as the medicos say, indicated. Markham made a sign to Heath, who immediately rose and went to the drawing-room door and bellowed up the staircase. Hennessey! … Bring that guy down here. We got business with him. A few moments later Salveter was piloted into the room. His eyes were flashing, and he planted himself aggressively before Vance, cramming his hands violently into his trousers pockets. Well, here I am, he announced with belligerence. Got the handcuffs ready? Vance yawned elaborately and ray ban caravan rb3136 inspected the newco ray ban caravan rb3136 mer with a bored expression. Dont be so virile, Mr. Salveter, he drawled.

brief a time… . In the average murder case, however, Markham retorted acidly, wed at least have found a lead or two and outlined a workable routine. If Heath had been handling the matter hed have made an arrest by nowthe field of possibilities is not an extensive one. I dare say he would. Hed no doubt have had every one in jail, including Brush and Dingle and the Curators of the Metropolitan Museum. Typical tactics: b ray ban caravan rb3136 utcher innocent persons to make a journalistic holiday. Im not entranced with that technic, though. Im far too humaneIve retained too many of my early illusions. Sentimentality, alas! will probably be my downfall. ray ban caravan rb3136 Markham snorted, and seated himself at the end of the table. For several moments he beat the devils tattoo on a large, vellum-bound copy of Malleus Maleficarum. You

THE COURTENAYS. I determined to spend that evening at Richmond Road with open eyes. The house was a large red-brick one, modern, gabled, and typically suburban. Mr. Courtenay, although a wealthy man with a large estate in Devonshire and extensive properties in Canada, where as a young man he had amassed a large fortune, lived in that London suburb in order to be near his old friends. Besides, his wife was young and objected to being buried in the country. With her husband an invalid she was unable t ray ban caravan rb3136 o entertain, therefore she had found the country dull very soon after her marriage and gladly welcomed removal to London, even though they sank their individuality in becoming suburban residents. Short, the prim manservant, who admitted me, showed me at once up to his masters room, and ray ban caravan rb3136 I stayed

of soul that was innate in her. The letters were dated from Neneford, from Oban, and from various Mediterranean ports, where she had gone yachting with her uncle, Sir Thomas Heaton, the great Lancashire coal-owner. Sometimes she addressed him as De ray ban caravan rb3136 arest, at others as Beloved, usually signing herself Your Own. So full were they of the ardent passion characteristic of her that they held me in amazement. It was passion developed under its most profound and serious aspects; they showed the calm and thoughtful, not the brilliant side of intellect. In Ethelwynns character the passionate and the imaginative were blended equally and in the highest conceivable degree as combined with delicate female nature. Those letters, although written to a man in whose heart romance must long ago have ray ban caravan rb3136 been dead,

shrewdness he doesnt dream the truth. Who would? she asked with a smile. If the story were told, nobody would believe it. Thats just it! The incredibility of the whole affair is what places us in such a position of security; for as long as I lie low and you continue to act the part of the interesting widow, nobody can possibly get at the truth. I think Ive acted my part well, up to the present, she said, and I hope to continue t ray ban caravan rb3136 o do so. To influence the doctor will be a difficult task, I fear. But Ill do my utmost, because I see that by the reconciliation Ethelwynns lips would be sealed. Act with discretion, my dear, urged the old man. B ray ban caravan rb3136 ut remember that Boyd is not a man to be trifled withand as for that accursed friend of his, Ambler Jevons, he seems second cousin to the very King of

always to attend on him himself. ray ban caravan rb3136 Slade, you say, is his name? repeated my friend. Yes, sir. Then, thanking him, we re-entered the cab and drove to an address in a street off Shaftesbury Avenue. Slade! Slade! repeated Amb ray ban caravan rb3136 ler Jevons to himself as we drove along. Thats the name Ive been in search of for weeks. If I am successful I believe the Seven Secrets will resolve themselves into one of the most remarkable conspiracies of modern times. I must, however, make this call alone, Ralph. The presence of a second person may possibly prevent the man Im going to see from making a full and straightforward statement. We must not risk failure in this inquiry, for I anticipate that it may give us the key to the whole situation. Theres a bar opposite the Palace Theatre. Ill set you down there, and you

said Anthea kindly; well take you anywhere you like if you want us to. What was it you were going to say upstairs when I said the others wouldnt like it if I stayed talking to you without them? It looked keenly at her, and she blushed. Dont be silly, it sai ray ban caravan rb3136 d sharply. Of course, its quite natural that you should like your brothers and sisters to know exactly how good and unselfish you were. I wish you wouldnt, said Jane. Anthea was quite right. What was it you were going to say when she stopped you? Ill tell you, said the Psammead, since youre so anxious to know. I was going to say this. Youve saved my lifeand Im not ungratefulbut it doesnt change your nature or mine. Youre still very ray ban caravan rb3136 ignorant, and rather silly, and I am worth a thousand of you any day of the week. Of course you are! Anthea

be frightened, I really am SO glad you came! The land where the sun never sets! I am delighted to see you! I was getting quite too dreadfully bored for anything! And behind Anthea the kneeling Cyril whispered in the ears of the respectful Robert Bobs, dont say anything to Panther. Its no use upsetting her, but we didnt ask for Janes address, and the Psammeads with her. Well, whispered Robert, the charm can bring them to us at any moment. IT said so. Oh, yes, whispered Cyril, in miserable derision, WERE all right, of course. So we are! Oh, yes! If wed only GOT the charm. Then Robert saw, and he murmured, Crikey! at the foot of the throne of Babylon; while Cyril hoarsely whispere ray ban caravan rb3136 d the plain English fact Janes got the charm ro ray ban caravan rb3136 und her neck, you silly cuckoo. Crikey! Robert repeated in heart-