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made a coupla mistakes and, seeing he was caught, tried to get outa the country. And, Im here to tell you, thats running true to form. Oh, my auntmy precious, dodderin aunt! Vance sank into a large chair and let his head fall back wearily against the lace antimacassar. Chapter 14 Chapter 14 A HIEROGLYPHIC LETTER Friday, July 13, 4:15 P.M. Markham got up irritably and walked the length of the room and back. As always in moments of perplexity his hands were clasped behind him, and his head was projected forward. Damn your various aunts! he growled, as he came abreast of Vance. Youre always calling on an aunt. Havent you any uncles? Vance opened his eyes and smiled blandly. I know how you feel. Despite the lightness of his tone there was unmistakable sympathy in his words. No one is ray ban glasses price ray ban glasses price acting as

and mysterious intangibility about the affair that rendered a drastic step impossible. The elements were too ray ban glasses price fluid, the cross-currents of motives too contradictory. Vance had been the first to sense the elusory complications, the first to indicate the invisible paradoxes; and so surely had he put his finger upon the vital points of the plotso accurately had he foretold certain phases of the plots developmentthat Markham had, both figuratively and literally, stepped into the background and permitted him to deal with the case in his own way. Withal, Markham was dissatisfied and impatient. Nothing definitely leading to the actual culprit had, so far as could be seen, been brought to light by Vances unprofessional and almost casual process of investigation. Were not making headway, Va ray ban glasses price nce,

impending misfortune was connected with that rathe ray ban glasses price r incongruous household down at Kew. Therefore, when Sir Bernard imparted to me his misgivings, I was quickly on the alert, and questioned him regarding the progress of old Mr. Courtenays disease. The poor fellow is sinking, Im afraid, Boyd, exclaimed my chief, confidentially. He doesnt believe himself half so ill as he is. When did you see him last? Only a few days ago. I thought he seemed much improved, I said. Ah! of course, the old doctor snapped; his manner towards me in an instant changed. Yo ray ban glasses price ure a frequent visitor there, I forgot. Feminine attraction and all that sort of thing. Dangerous, Boyd! Dangerous to run after a woman of her sort. Im an older man than you. Why havent you taken the hint I gave you long ago? Because I could see

refer to what has passed. I am young, and may still obtain an upright and honourable man as husband. You are old, and are tottering slowly to your doom. Farewell. Ethelwynn Mivart. The letter fully explained a circumstance of which I had been entirely ignorant, namely, that the woman I had loved had actually been engaged ray ban glasses price to old Mr. Courtenay before her sister had married him. Its tenor showed how intensely antagonistic she was towards the man who had fooled her, and in the concluding sentence there was a distinct if covert threata threat of bitter revenge. She had returned the old mans letters apparently in order to show that in her hand she held a further and more powerful weapon; she had not sought t ray ban glasses price o break off his marriage with Mary, but had rather stood by, swallowed her anger, and

dissatisfaction. Hasnt she tried to convince him to the contrary? he asked. I was always under the impression that she could twist him round her fingerso hopelessly was he in love with her. So she could before this unfortunate affair. And now that he suspects the truth hes disinclined to have any more to do with hereh? Well, he added, after all, its only natural. Shes not so devilish cle ray ban glasses price ver as you, Mary, otherwise she would never have a ray ban glasses price llowed herself to fall beneath suspicion. She must have somehow blundered. To-morrow I shall go to town, she said in a reflective voice. No time should be lost in effecting the reconciliation between them. You are right, he declared. You should commence at once. Call and talk with him. He believes so entirely in you. But promise me one thing; that you will

the answer, with the true cockney twang. Trade aint very brisk. Theres too bloomin many of us ere nowaday ray ban glasses price s. ray ban glasses price Leaving my side my companion advanced towards the man and whispered some confidential words that I could not catch, at the same time pulling something from his breast-pocket and showing it to him. Oh, yes, sir. No doubt abawt it! I heard the man exclaim. Then, in reply to a further question from Jevons, he said: Arry Arding used to work at Curtiss. So I fancy that ud be the place to find out somethink. Im keepin my ears open, you bet, and he winked knowingly. Where I had seen the man before I could not remember. But his face was certainly familiar. When we left him and continued along the busy thoroughfare of cheap shops and itinerant vendors I asked my friend who he was, to which he

it was soon plain that in the Psammeads opinion old Nurse was still a servant, although she had now a house of her own, f ray ban glasses price or she never noticed the Psammead at all. And that was as well, for she would never have consented to allow the girls to keep an animal and a bath of sand under their bed. When breakfast had been cleared awayit was a very nice breakfast with hot rolls to it, a luxury quite out of the common wayAnthea went and dragged out the bath, and woke the Psammead. It stretched and shook itself. You must have bolted your breakfast most unwholesomely, it said, you cant have been five minutes over it. Weve been nearly an hour, said Anthea. Comeyou know you promised. Now look here, said the Psammead, sitting back on the sand and shooting out its long eyes suddenly, wed better begin ray ban glasses price as

hurriedly stroked the Psammead and embraced Jane, who took the womans hand ray ban glasses price , and trotted contentedly away with the Psammeads bag under the other arm. The others stood looking after her till she, the woman, and the basket were lost in the many-coloured crowd. Then Anthea turned once more to the palaces magnificent doorway and said Lets ask the porter to take care of our Babylonian overcoats. So they took off the garments that the woman had lent them and st ray ban glasses price ood amid the jostling petitioners of the Queen in their own English frocks and coats and hats and boots. We want to see the Queen, said Cyril; we come from the far Empire where the sun never sets! A murmur of surprise and a thrill of excitement ran through the crowd. The door-porter spoke to a black man, he spoke to someone else. There was