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he should in this case. Its as if every one were in a conspiracy to confuse who is ray ban and complicate matters for us. Thats just it! Markham fumed. On the other hand, theres something in what the Sergeant says. Why should Bliss? Too much theory, Markham old dear, Vance interrupted. Oh, much too much theory … too much speculation … too many futile questions. Theres a key who is ray ban coming, and itll explain everything. Our immediate task, it seems to me, is to find that key. Sure! Heath spoke with heavy sarcasm. Suppose I begin punching the furniture with hat-pins and ripping up the carpets… . Markham snapped his fingers impatiently, and Heath subsided. Lets get down to earth. He regarded Vance with vindictive shrewdness. Youve got some pretty definite idea; and all your maunderings couldnt convince me to the

Markham complained with gloomy concern, turning from the window. Ive stood aside all day and permitted you to deal with these people as you saw fit, because I felt your knowledge of them and your familiarity with things Egyptological gave you an advantage over impersonal official cross-questioning. And I also felt that you had a plausible theory about the whole matter, which you were striving to verify. But Kyles murder is as far from a solution as it was when we first entered the museum. You who is ray ban re an incorrigible pessimist, Markham, Vance returned, getting into a pri who is ray ban nted foulard dressing-gown. It has been just fifteen hours since we found Sakhmet athwart Kyles skull; and you must admit, painful as it may be to a District Attorney, that the average murder investigation has scarcely begun in so

no reason why I should not continue my friendship with Ethelwynn Mivart. My dear Boyd, he responded, in a sympathetic fatherly manner, which he sometimes assumed, Im an old bachelor, and I see quite sufficient of women in this roomtoo much of them, in who is ray ban fact. The majority are utterly worthless. Recollect that I have never taken away a womans character yet, and I refuse to d who is ray ban o so nowespecially to her lover. I merely warn you, Boyd, to drop her. Thats all. If you dont, depend upon it youll regret it. Then theres some secret or other of her past which she conceals, I suppose? I said hoarsely, feeling confident that being so intimate with his patient, old Mr. Courtenay, he had discovered it. Yes, he replied, blinking again at me through his glasses. There isa very ugly secret. Chapter 3 Chapter 3

calmly calculated upon a fierce vendetta at a moment when who is ray ban he would least expect it. Truly those startling words spoken by Sir Bernard had been full of truth. I remembered them now, and discerned his meaning. He was at least an honest upright man who, although sometimes a trifle eccentric, had my interests deeply at heart. In the progress I had made in my pr who is ray ban ofession I owed much to him, and even in my private affairs he had sought to guide me, although I had, alas! disregarded his repeated warnings. I took up one after another of the letters my friend had examined, and found them to be the correspondence of a woman who was either angling after a wealthy husband, or who loved him with all the strength of her affection. Some of the communications were full of passion, and betrayed that poetry

not go to Ethelwynn, he urged. Why not? Because it is quite unnecessary, he answered. You are not good friends; therefore your influence upon the doctor should be a hidden one. She will believe that he has returned to her of his own free will; hence our position will be rendered the stronger. Act diplomatically. If she believes that you are interesting yourself in her affairs it may anger her. Then you suggest that I should call upon the doctor in secret, and try and influence him in her favour without her being aware of it? Exac who is ray ban tly. After the reconciliation is effected you may tell her. At present, however, it is not wise to show our hand. By your visit to t who is ray ban he doctor you may be able to obtain from him how much he knows, and what are his suspicions. One thing is certain, that with all his

merely replied: Well, hes a man who knows something of the affair. Ill explain later. In the meantime come with me to Grays Inn Road. I have to make a call there, and he hailed a hansom, into which we mounted. Twenty minutes later we alighted before a dingy-looking barbers shop and inquired for Mr. Hardingan assistant who was at that moment shaving a customer of the working class. It was a house where one could be shaved for a penny, but where the toilet acce who is ray ban ssories were somewhat primitive. While I stood on the threshold Ambler Jevons asked the barbers assistant if he had ever worked at Curtiss, and if, while there, he knew a man whose photograph he showed who is ray ban him. Yes, sir, answered the barber, without a moments hesitation. Thats Mr. Slade. He was a very good customer, and Mr. Curtis used

we mean to go on. It wont do to have any misunderstanding, so I tell you plainly that Oh, PLEASE, Anthea pleaded, do wait till we get to the others. Theyll think it most awfully sneakish of me to talk to you without them; do come down, theres a dear. She knelt before the sand-bath and held out her arms. The Psammead must have remembered how glad it had been to jump into those same little arms only the day before, for it gave a little grudging grunt, and jumped once mor who is ray ban e. Anthea wrapped it in her pinafore and carried it downstairs. It was welcomed in a thrilling silence. At last An who is ray ban thea said, Now then! What place is this? asked the Psammead, shooting its eyes out and turning them slowly round. Its a sitting-room, of course, said Robert. Then I dont like it, said the Psammead. Never mind,

a whispering, waiting pause. Then a big man, with a cleanlyshaven face, beckoned them from the top of a flight of red marble steps. They went up; the boots of Robert clattering more than usual because he was so nervous. A door swung open, a curtain was drawn back. A double line of bowing forms in gorgeous raiment formed a lane that led to the steps of the throne, and as the children advanced hurriedly there came from the throne a voice very who is ray ban sweet an who is ray ban d kind. Three children from the land where the sun never sets! Let them draw hither without fear. In another minute they were kneeling at the thrones foot, saying, O Queen, live for ever! exactly as the woman had taught them. And a splendid dream-lady, all gold and silver and jewels and snowy drift of veils, was raising Anthea, and saying Dont