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large oil portrait of the doctor which hung on the east wall. Every one apparently. Hani doesnt like his employer and writhes inexpensive ray ban sunglasses in psychic agony at each basketful of inexpensive ray ban sunglasses sand that is excavated from Intefs tomb. Salveter is infatuated with Mrs. Bliss, and naturally her husband is an obstacle to his suit. As for the lady herself: I do not wish to wrong her, but Im inclined to believe she returns the young gentlemans affection. If so, the elimination of Bliss would not drive her to suicidal grief. Markhams face clouded. I got the impression, too, that Scarlett was not entirely impervious to her charms and that there was a chilliness between him and Salveter. Quite. .a crève les yeux. Vance nodded abstractedly. Mrs. Bliss is undeniably fascinatin… . I say; if only I could find the clew Im looking

poised above a large note-book. He looked up as the door opened. Oh, hallo! he called cheerily. Thought you inexpensive ray ban sunglasses were through with inexpensive ray ban sunglasses the Bliss ménage for to-day. Its to-morrow now, returned Vance, going down the stairs and crossing the museum. What! Scarlett reached behind him and took out his watch. Great Scott! So it is. Had no idea of the hour. Been working here since eight oclock Amazin. Vance glanced over a few of the upturned photographs. Very interestin… . Who let you in, by the by? Brush, of course. Scarlett seemed rather astonished at the question. Said the family were having dinner in the breakfast-room. I told him not to disturb emthat I had a bit of work to finish… . He didnt mention your arrival to us. Vance was apparently engrossed in a photograph of four amuletic bracelets. But

secret to Ambler Jevons, who was often my visitor of an evening, and over our whiskies had asked his advice, with the unsatisfactory result which I have already written down. Chapter 2 Chapter 2 A VERY UGLY SECRET. The consulting-room in Harley Street, where Sir Bernard Eyton saw his patients and gathered in his guineas for his ill-scribbled prescriptions, differed little from a hundred others in the same severe and depressing thoroughfare. It was a very sombre apartment. The walls were painted dark green and hung with two or three old portraits in oils; the furniture was of a style long past, heavy and covered in brown mor inexpensive ray ban sunglasses occo, and the big writing-table, behind which the great doctor would sit blinking at his patient inexpensive ray ban sunglasses through the circular gold-rimmed glasses, that gave him a somewhat

ejaculated. I dont understand. How can anything among the old mans private papers concern you? This concerns me personally, I answered. Surely that is sufficient explanation. No, my friend said. Forgive me, Ralph, for speaking quit inexpensive ray ban sunglasses e plainly, but in this affair we are both working towards the same endnamely, to elucidate the mystery. We cannot hope for success if you are bent upon concealing your discoveries from me. This is a private affair of my own, I declared doggedly. What I have found only concerns myself. He shrugged his shoulders with an air of distinct dissatisfa inexpensive ray ban sunglasses ction. Even if it is a purely private matter we are surely good friends enough to be cognisant of one anothers secrets, he remarked. Of course, I replied dubiously. But only up to a certain point. Then, in other words, you

Yet I ask you who read this narrative of mine if, like myself, you would not have been staggered into dumbness at seeing and hearing a man whom you had certified to inexpensive ray ban sunglasses be dead, moving and speaking, and, moreover, in his usual health? He loves her! his wife exclaimed, speaking o inexpensive ray ban sunglasses f me. He would forgive her anything. My own opinion is that if we would be absolutely secure it is for us to heal the breach between them. He remained thoughtful for a few moments, apparently in doubt as to the wisdom of acting upon her suggestion. Surely in the situation was an element of humor, for, happily, I was being forearmed. It might possibly be good policy, he remarked at last. If we could only bring them together again he would cease his constant striving to solve the enigma. We know well that he can never do

case, the facts, even as far as at present inexpensive ray ban sunglasses known, point undoubtedly to murder. To murder! he cried. Then is it believed that shes been wilfully drowned? That is the local surmise. Why? he asked, with an eager look upon his countenance, for he took the most intense interest in every feature of the affair. Well, because it is rumoured that she had been seen late one night walking along the river-bank, near the spot where she was found, accompanied by a strange man. A strange man? he echoed, his interest increased. Did anyone see him sufficiently close to recognise him? I believe not, I answered, hesitati inexpensive ray ban sunglasses ng at that moment to tell him all I knew. The local police are making active inquiries, I believe. I wonder who it could have been? Sir Bernard exclaimed reflectively. Mrs. Courtenay was

miserable pause. Then Anthea remembered, and said Oh! I WISH I had two pounds ten. So do I, Miss, Im sure, said the man with bitter politeness; I wish you ad, Im sure! Antheas hand was on the counter, something seemed to slide under it. She lifted it. There lay five bright half sovereigns. Why, I HAVE got it after all, she said; heres the money, now lets have the Sammy,… the monkey I mean. The dealer looked hard at the money, but he made haste to put it in his pocket. I only hope you come by it honest, he said, shrugging his shoulders. He scratched his ear again. Well! he said, I suppose I must let you have it inexpensive ray ban sunglasses , but its worth thribble the inexpensive ray ban sunglasses money, so it is He slowly led the way out to the hutchopened the door gingerly, and made a sudden fierce grab at the Psammead, which the Psammead

outlandish than their present rig. Then they can have a look round without bei inexpensive ray ban sunglasses ng mobbed. May I go? Oh yes, if you like, said the Captain, but dont be all day. The man led them through the dark arch into the town inexpensive ray ban sunglasses . And it was very different from London. For one thing, everything in London seems to be patched up out of odds and ends, but these houses seemed to have been built by people who liked the same sort of things. Not that they were all alike, for though all were squarish, they were of different sizes, and decorated in all sorts of different ways, some with paintings in bright colours, some with black and silver designs. There were terraces, and gardens, and balconies, and open spaces with trees. Their guide took them to a little house in a back street, where a kind-faced woman sat