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for! Y know, Markham, Ive an idea that something new is going to happen anon. The plot thus far has gone awry. Weve been led into a Moorish maze by the m ray ban vision glasses urderer, but the key hasnt yet been placed in our hands. When it is, Ill know which door itll unlockand it wont be the door the murderer intends us to use it on. Our difficulty now is that we have too many clews; and not one of em is the real clew. Thats why we cant make an arrest. We must wait for the plot to unfold. Its unfolding, as you call it, too swift for me, Heath retorted impatiently. And I dont mind admitting that I think were getting sidetracked. After alls said and done, werent Blisss finger-prints found on th ray ban vision glasses e statue, and no one elses? Wasnt his stick-pin found beside the body? And didnt he have every opportunity to bump Kyle

front door is fastened. ray ban vision glasses Nothing unusual about my coming here after dinner. That probably accounts for Brushs not telling us, dont y know. Vance tossed the photographs back on the table. But something out of the ordinry did happen here to-night. He laid the sheathed dagger before Scarlett. What do you know about that bizarre parazonium? Oh, much. The other ray ban vision glasses grinned, and shot Vance an interrogatory look. How did you happen on it? Its one of the doctors dark secrets. Really? Vance lifted his eyebrows in simulated surprise. Then youre familiar with it? Rather. I saw the old scalawag slip in into his khaki shirt when he found it. I kept mumnone of my business. Later, when we were here in New York, he told me hed smuggled it out of Egypt, and confided to me that he was keeping it sequestered in

Teutonic appearance, was noted for its prim neatness and orderly array. On the one side was an adjustable couch; on the other a bookcase with glass doors containing a number of instruments which were, however, not visible because of curtains of green silk beh ray ban vision glasses ind the glass. Into that room, on three days a week, Ford, the severely respectable footman, ushered in patients one after the other, many of them Society women suffering f ray ban vision glasses rom what is known in these degenerate days as nerves. Indeed, Eyton was par excellence a ladies doctor, for so many of the gentler sex get burnt up in the mad rush of a London season. I had made up my mind to consult my chief, and with that object entered his room on the following afternoon at a quarter before four. Well, Boyd, anything fresh? he asked, putting off

imply that you cant trust me? I can trust you, Ambler, I answered calmly. ray ban vision glasses We are the best of friends, and I hope we shall always be so. Will you not forgive me for refusing to show you these letters? I only ask you one question. Have they anything to do with the matter we are investigating ray ban vision glasses ? I hesitated. With his quick perception he saw that a lie was not ready upon my lips. They have. Your silence tells me so. In that case it is your duty to show me them, he said, quietly. I protested again, but he overwhelmed my arguments. In common fairness to him I ought not, I knew, keep back the truth. And yet it was the greatest and most terrible blow that had ever fallen upon me. He saw that I was crushed and stammering, and he stood by me wondering. Forgive me, Ambler, I urged again. When you have

that; nevertheless his constant efforts are as annoying as they are dangerou ray ban vision glasses s. Thats just my opinion. There is danger to us in his constant inquiries, which are much more ingenious and careful than we imagine. Well, my child, he said, youve stuck to me in this in a manner that few women would have dared. If you really think it necessary to bring Boyd and Ethelwynn together again you must do it entirely alone, for I could not possibly appear on the scene. He must never meet me, or the whole thing would be revealed. For your sake I am prepared to make the attempt, she said. The fact of being Ethelwynns sister gives me freedom to speak my mind to him. And to ray ban vision glasses tell him some pretty little fiction about her? he added, laughing. Yes. It will certainly be necessary to put an entirely innocent face

always so devoted to poor Henry, that the story of the stranger appears to me very like some invention of the villagers. Whenever a tragedy occurs in a rural district all kinds of absurd canards are started. Probably thats one of them. It is only natural for the rustic mind to connect a lover with a pretty young widow. Exactly. But I have certain reasons for believing the clandestine meeting to have taken place, I said. What causes you to give credence to the story? Statements made to me, I replied vaguely. And furt ray ban vision glasses her, all the evidence points to murder. Then why did the jury return an open verdict? It was the best thing they could do in the circumstances, as it leaves the police with a ray ban vision glasses free hand. But who could possibly have any motive for the poor little womans death? he asked, with a

acknowledg ray ban vision glasses ed in one last long lingering bite. Here, take the brute, said the shopman, squeezing the Psammead so tight that he nearly choked it. Its bit me to the marrow, it have. The mans eyes opened as Anthea held out her arms. Dont blame me if it tears your face off its bones, he said, and the Psammead made a leap from his dirty horny hands, and Anthea caught it in hers, which were not very clean, certainly, but at any rate were soft and pink, and held it kindly and closely. But you cant take it home like that, Cyril said, we shall have a crowd after us, and indeed two errand boys and a policeman had already collected. I cant give you nothink only a paper-bag, like what we put the tortoises in, said the man grudgingly. So the whole party went into the shop, and the shopma ray ban vision glasses ns eyes nearly

spinning at the door of a very dark room. Here, h ray ban vision glasses e said, just lend these children a mantle each, so that they can go about and see the place till the Queens audience begins. You leave that wool for a bit, and show them round if you like. I must be off now. The woman did as she was told, and the four children, wrapped in fringed mantles, went with her all about the town, and oh! how I wish I had time to tell you all that they saw. It was all so wonderfully different from anything you have ever seen. For one thing, all the houses were dazzlingly bright, and many of them covered with pictures. Some had great creatures carved in stone at each side of the door. Then the peoplethere were no black frock-coats and tall hats; no dingy coats and skirts of good, useful, u ray ban vision glasses gly stuffs warranted to wear.