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was wreathed in smiles, and he swaggered as he walked toward Vance. Huh! He inserted his thumbs in the armholes of his waistcoat. Your good ray ban polarised sunglasses friend Bliss has just tried to make a getaway. My man, Guilfoyle, 18 who Id phoned to tail the doctor, picked him up as he came out of this house for his walk in the park. But he didnt go to the park, Mr. Vance. He beat it over to Fourth Avenue and went to the Corn Exchange Bank at Twenty-ninth Street. It was after hours, but he knew the manager and didnt have no trouble getting his money… . Money? ray ban polarised sunglasses Sure! He drew out everything he had in the bankgot it in twenties, fifties and hundredsand then took a taxi. Guilfoyle hopped another 18.Guilfoyle, I recalled, was the detective of the Homicide Bureau who was set to watch Tony Skeel in the Canary murder

unpleasant grimace. ray ban polarised sunglasses Hed be sure to confide in Meryt-Amen. Impulsive young cub. Well, some one knew of its whereabouts, Vance remarked. Doctor Bliss phoned me shortly after midnight that he had escaped assassination by the proverbial hairs-breadth; so we sped hithe ray ban polarised sunglasses r and found the point of that poniard infixed in the head of his bed. By Jove! You dont say! Scarlett seemed shocked and perplexed. Some one must have discovered the dagger … and yet He stopped suddenly and shot Vance a quick look. How do you account for it? Im not accountin for it. Most mysterious… . Hani, by the by, found the sheath in the hall near the doctors door. Thats odd… . Scarlett paused as if considering. Then he began arranging his papers and photographs in neat piles and stacking his filing-boxes under the table.

keen eyes rather prominently set in a bony but not unpleasant countenance. He had a peculiar habit of stroking his left ear when puzzled, and was not without those little eccentricities which run hand in hand with genius. One of them was his fondness for amateur theatricals, for he was a leading member of the Dramatic Club at Hove and nearly always took part in the pe ray ban polarised sunglasses rformances. But he was a pronounced miser. Each day when he arrived at Victoria Station from Hove, he purchased three ham sandwiches at the refreshment bar and carried them in his black bag to Harley Street. He there concealed them in a drawer in the writing-table and stealthily ate them instead of taking half-an-hour for luncheon. Sometimes he sent Ford out ray ban polarised sunglasses to the nearest greengrocers in the Marylebone Road for a penny apple,

sympathetically. Yes, it has staggered me, I stammered. Im utterly dumfounded by the unexpected revelation! and I handed him the packet of correspondence, which he placed upon the table, and, seating himself, commenced eagerly to examine letter after letter. While he was thus engaged I took up ray ban polarised sunglasses the first letter, and read it throughright to the bitter end. It was apparently the last of a long correspondence, for all the letters were arranged chronologically, and this was the last of the packet. Written from Neneford Manor, Northamptonshire, and vaguely dated Wednesday, as is a womans habit, it was addressed to Mr. Courtenay, and ran as follows: Words cannot express my contempt for a man who breaks his word as easily as y ray ban polarised sunglasses ou break yours. A year ago, when you were my fathers guest, you told me

oclock train, she said. When my plans are matured I will call upon him in London. And if any woman can deceive him, you can, Mary, he laughed. In those widows weeds of yours you could deceive the very devil himself! Mrs. Courtenays airy talk of deception threw an entirely fresh light upon her character. Hitherto I had held her in considerable esteem as a woman who, being bored to death by the eccentricities of her invalid husband, had sought distraction with her friends in town, b ray ban polarised sunglasses ut nevertheless honest and devoted to the man she had wedded. But these words of hers caused doubt to arise within my mind. That she had been devoted to her husbands interest was proved by the clever imposture she was ray ban polarised sunglasses practising; indeed it seemed to me very much as if those frequent visits to town had been at the

Its time you caught your train, I remarked, glancing at the clock. No, he answered. Im dining at the House of Commons t ray ban polarised sunglasses o-night with my friend Houston. I shall remain in town all night. I so very seldom allow myself any dissipation, and he smiled rather sadly. Truly he led an anchorites life, going to and fro with clockwork regularity, and denying himself all those diversions in Society which are ever at the command of a notable man. Very rarely did he accept an invitation to dine, and the fact that he lived down at Hove was in order to have a good excuse to evade people. He was a great man, with al ray ban polarised sunglasses l a great mans little eccentricities. The two following days passed uneventfully. Each evening, about ten, Ambler Jevons came in to smoke and drink. He stayed an hour, apparently nervous, tired,

enough to speak, it said Get me sand; silver sand from the oil and colour shop. And get me plenty. They got the sand, and they put it and the Psammead in the round bath together, and it rubbed itsel ray ban polarised sunglasses f, and rolled itself, and shook itself and scraped itself, and scratched itself, and preened itself, till it felt clean and comfy, and then it scrabbled a hasty hole in the sand, and went to sleep in it. The children hid the bath under the girls bed, and had supper. Old Nurse had got them a lovely supper of bread and butter and fried onions. She was full of kind and delicate thoughts. When ray ban polarised sunglasses Anthea woke the next morning, the Psammead was snuggling down between her shoulder and Janes. You have saved my life, it said. I know that man would have thrown cold water on me sooner or later, and then I

when they got there it was more splend ray ban polarised sunglasses id than anything they had seen yet. For it was glowing with colours, and with gold and silver and black and whitelike some magnificent embroidery. Flight after flight of broad marble steps led up to it, and at the edges of the stairs stood great images, twenty times as big as a manimages of men with wings like chain armour, and hawks heads, and winged men with the heads of dogs. And there were the statues of great kings. Between the flights of steps were terraces where fountains played, and the Queens Guard in white and scarlet, and armour that shone like gold, stood by twos lining the way up the stairs; and a great body of them was massed by the vast door of the palace itself, where it stood glittering like an impossibly radiant peaco ray ban polarised sunglasses ck in the noon-