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off? … Sergeant,Vance spoke patientlywould a man of intelligence and profound scientific training commit a murder and not only overlook his finger-prints on the weapon, but also be so careless as to drop his scarf-pin at the scene of the murder, and ray ban pink sunglasses then calmly wait in the next room for the police to arrest him, after having made bloody footprints to guide them? And theres the opium, too, Sergeant, added Markham. It seems pretty clear to me that the doctor was drugged. Have it your own way, sir. Heaths tone bordered on impoliteness. But I dont see that were getting anywheres. As he spoke Emery came to the door. Telephone call for you, Sergeant, he announced. Down-stairs. Heath hurried eagerly from the room ray ban pink sunglasses and disappeared down the hall. Three or four minutes later he returned. His face

his study. He was in constant fear that Hani would unearth it, and swore me to secrecy. I agreed. Whats one dagger, more or less? The Cairo Museum has the cream of all the excavated items anyway. He kept it ensconced under some papers in one of his desk drawers. Yes, I know. Safe hid ray ban pink sunglasses ing-place. Hani rarely goes in the study… . But Im curious Were all curious. Distressin state, what? Vance gave him no time to speculate. Who else knew of the daggers existence? No one, as far as I know. The doctor ce ray ban pink sunglasses rtainly didnt disclose the fact to Hani; and I doubt seriously if he informed Mrs. Bliss. She has peculiar loyalties in regard to her native country, and the doctor respects them. No telling how shed react to the theft of such a valuable treasure. What about Salveter? Id say no. Scarlett made an

his severely professional air and lolling back in his padded writing-chair as I entered. No, nothing, I responded, throwing myself in the patients chair opposite him and tossing my gloves on the table. A hard day down at the hospital, thats all. Youve been busy as usual, I suppose. Busy! the old man echoed, why, these confounded women never let me alone for a single instant! Always the same storyexcitement, late hours, little worries over erring husbands, and all that sort of thing. I always know whats coming as soon as they get seated and settled. I really dont know what Societys coming t ray ban pink sunglasses o, Boyd, and he blinked over at me through his ray ban pink sunglasses heavy-framed spectacles. About sixty, of middle height, he was slightly inclined to rotundity, with hair almost white, a stubbly grey beard, and a pair of

read this letter you will fully ray ban pink sunglasses understa ray ban pink sunglasses nd why I have endeavoured to conceal it from you; why, if you were not present here at this moment, I would burn them all and not leave a trace behind. Then I handed it to him. He took it eagerly, skimmed it through, and started just as I had started when he saw the signature. Upon his face was a blank expression, and he returned it to me without a word. Well? I asked. What is your opinion? My opinion is the same as your own, Ralph, old fellow, he answered slowly, looking me straight in the face. It is amazingstartlingtragic. You think, then, that the motive of the crime was jealousy? The letter makes it quite plain, he answered huskily. Give me the others. Let me examine them. I know how severe this blow must be to you, old fellow, he added,

on recent events in order to smooth matters over, she admitted, joining in his laughter. Rather a difficult task to make the affair at Kew appear innocent, he observed. But youre really a wonderful woman, Mary. The way youve acted your part in this affair is simply marvellous. Youve deceived everyoneeven tha ray ban pink sunglasses t old potterer, Sir Bernard himself. Ive done it for your sake, was he ray ban pink sunglasses r response. I made a promise, and Ive kept it. Up to the present we are safe, but we cannot take too many precautions. We have enemies and scandal-seekers on every side. I admit that, he replied, rather impatiently, I thought. If you think it a wise course you had better lose no time in placing Ethelwynns innocence before her lover. You will see him in the morning, I suppose? Probably not. He leaves by the eight

puzzled, rather anxious expression upon his grey brow. The lover may have wished to get rid of her, I suggested. You speak rather ungenerously, Boyd, he protested. Reme ray ban pink sunglasses mber, we dont know for certain that there was a lover in the case, and we should surely accept the rumours of country yokels with considerable hesitation. I make no direct accusation, I said. I merely give as my opinion that she was murdered by the man she was evidently in the habit of meeting. Thats all. Well, if that is so, then I hope the police will be successful in making an arrest, declared the old physician. Poor little woman! When is the funeral? The day aft ray ban pink sunglasses er to-morrow. I must send a wreath. How sad it is! How very sad! And he sighed sympathetically, and sat staring with fixed eyes at the dark green wall opposite.

came out of his head when, having given Anthea the largest paper-bag he could find, he saw her hold it open, and the Psammead carefully creep into it. Well! he said, if that there dont beat cockfighting! But praps youve met the brute afore. Yes, said Cyril affably, hes an old friend of ours. If Id a known that, the man rejoined, you shouldnt a had him under twice the money. Owever, he added, as the children disappeared, I aint done so bad, seeing as I only give five bob for ray ban pink sunglasses the beast. But then theres the bites to take into account! The children trembling in agitation and excitement, carried home the Psammead, trembling in its paper-bag. When they got it home, Anthea nursed it, and stroked it, a ray ban pink sunglasses nd would have cried over it, if she hadnt remembered how it hated to be wet. When it recovered

Everyones clothes were bright and beautiful with blue and scarlet and green and gold. The market was brighter than you would think anything could be. There were stalls for everything you could po ray ban pink sunglasses ssibly wantand for a great many things that if you wanted here and now, want would be your master. There were pineapples and peaches in heapsand stalls of crockery and glass things, beautiful shapes and glorious colours, there were stalls for necklaces, and clasps, and bracelets, and brooches, for woven stuffs, and furs, and embroidered linen. The children had never seen half so man ray ban pink sunglasses y beautiful things together, even at Libertys. It seemed no time at all before the woman said Its nearly time now. We ought to be getting on towards the palace. Its as well to be early. So they went to the palace, and