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against the murderer? Not legal evidence, she answered quietly. Butbut… . Her voice faltered, and her head fell forward. You left the house about nine oclock ray ban black polarized this morning, I believe. Vances calm voice seemed to steady her. Yesshortl ray ban black polarized y after breakfast. Shopping? I took a taxi at Fourth Avenue to Altmans. I didnt see what I wanted there, and walked to the subway. I went to Wanamakers, and later returned to Lord and Taylors. Then I went to Sakss, and finally dropped in at a little shop on Madison Avenue… . The usual routine, sighed Vance. You of course bought nothing? I ordered a hat on Madison Avenue… . Remarkable! Vance caught Markhams eye and nodded significantly. I think that will be all for the present, Mrs. Bliss, he said. You will kindly go to your room and wait there. The woman

house threw that dagger, and if I had my way Id steam the truth out of him. Markham endeavored diplomatically to soothe the Sergeants ruffled feelings, but without any marked s ray ban black polarized uccess. We were now standing just inside the front door preparatory to departing, and Vance paused to light a cigarette. He ray ban black polarized was facing the great steel door leading into the museum, and I saw his frame suddenly go taut. Oh, just a moment, Mr. Salveter, he called; and the man, who was now nearly at the head of the first flight of stairs, turned and retraced his steps. What are the lights doing on in the museum? I glanced toward the bottom of the steel door where Vances gaze was resting, and for the first time saw a tiny illuminated line. Salveter, too, glanced at the floor, and frowned. Im sure I dont know, he said in

Hove, in order to avoid night work or the calls which Society made upon him. I lived a stones-throw away from his house in Harley Street, just round the corner in Harley Place, and it was my duty to take charge of his extensive practice during his absence at night or while on holidays. I must here declare that my own position was not at all disagreea ray ban black polarized ble. True, I somet ray ban black polarized imes had night work, which is never very pleasant, but being one of the evils of the life of every medical man he accepts it as such. I had very comfortable bachelor quarters in an ancient and rather grimy house, with an old fashioned dark-panelled sitting-room, a dining-room, bedroom and dressing-room, and, save for the fact that I was compelled to be on duty after four oclock, when Sir Bernard drove to Victoria Station, my

mould had caused the rust, hence before we could open the iron door we were compelled to oil the key w ray ban black polarized ith some brilliantine which was discovered on the dead mans dressing table. The interior, we found, was a kind of small strong-roombuilt of firebrick, and lined with steel. It was filled with papers of all kinds neatly arranged. We drew up a table, and the first packet my friend handed out was a substantial one of five pound notes, secured by an elastic band, beneath which was a slip on which the amount was pencilled. Securities of various sorts followed, and then large packets of parchment deeds which, on examination, we found related to his Devonshire property and his farms in Canada. Heres something! crie ray ban black polarized d Ambler at length, tossing across to me a small packet methodically tied with pink

what he can. He can learn nothing, answered the dead man. If it were his confounded friend Jevons, now, we might have some apprehension; for the ingenuity of that man is, Ive heard, absolutely astounding. Even Scotland Yard seeks his aid in the solving of the more difficult criminal problems. I tell you plainly that I fear Ethelwynn may expose us, his wife went on slowly, a distinctly anxious look upon her countenance. As you know, there is a coolness between us, and rather than risk losing the doctor altogether she may make a clean breast of the affair. No, no, my dear. Rest assured that she will never betray us, answered Cou ray ban black polarized rtenay, with ray ban black polarized a light reassuring laugh. True, you are not very friendly, yet you must recollect that she and I are friends. Her interests are identical with our own;

got some little game to play. Faugh! cried the old man, such women only fill one with disgust. I went on to tell him of the verdict upon the death of Mrs. Courtenay, and his manner instantly changed to one of sympathy. Poor Henry! he exclaimed. Poor little woman! I wonder that nothing has transpired to give the police a clue. To my mind, Boyd, there was some mysterious element in Courtenays life that he entirely hid from his friends. In later years he lived in constant dread of assassination. Yes, that has always struck me as strange, I remarked. Has nothing yet been discovered? asked my chief. Didnt the police follow that manserv ray ban black polarized ant Short? Yes, but to no purpose. They proved to their ray ban black polarized own satisfaction that he was innocent. And your friend Jevonsthe tea-dealer who makes it a kind of hobby

a customer yet as wanted to buy mice, and lizards, and toads, and ray ban black polarized guineas all at once. So hout you goes. Oh! wait a minute, said the wretched Cyril, feeling how foolishly yet well-meaningly he had carried out the Psammeads instructions. Just tell me one thing. What do you want for the mangy old monkey in the third hutch from the end? The shopman only saw ray ban black polarized in this a new insult. Mangy young monkey yourself, said he; get along with your blooming cheek. Hout you goes! Oh! dont be so cross, said Jane, losing her head altogether, dont you see he really DOES want to know THAT! Ho! does e indeed, sneered the merchant. Then he scratched his ear suspiciously, for he was a sharp business man, and he knew the ring of truth when he heard it. His hand was bandaged, and three minutes before he would have

two men in bright armour suddenly barred their way with crossed spears. Who goes there? they said. I think I must have explained to you before how it was that the children were always able to understand the language of any place they might happen to be in, and to be themselves understood. If not, I have no time to explain it now. We come from very far, said Cyril mechanically. From the Empire where the sun never sets, and we want to see your King. If its quite convenient, amended Anthea. The King may he live for ever!, said the gatekeeper, is gone to fetch home his fourteenth wife. Where on earth have you come from not to know that? The Queen then, said A ray ban black polarized nthea hurriedly, and not taking any notice of the question as t ray ban black polarized o where they had come from. The Queen, said the gatekeeper, may she live