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pressed a small handkerchief to her eyes, and left us without a word. Van ray ban goggles ce walked to the window and gazed out into the street. He was, I could see, deeply troubled as a result of the interview. He opened the window, and the droning summer noises of the street drifted in to us. He stood for several minutes ray ban goggles in silence, and neither Markham nor Heath interrupted his meditations. At length he turned and, without looking at us, said in a quiet, introspective tone: There are too many cross-currents in this housetoo many motives, too many objects to be gained, too many emotional complications. A plausible case could be made out of almost any one… . But who could have benefited by Blisss entanglement in the crime? Markham asked. Oh, my word! Vance leaned against the centre-table and gazed at a

a puzzled voice. The last person in the museum is supposed to turn off the switch. But no one to my knowledge has been in there to-night… ray ban goggles . Ill see. He stepped toward the door, but Vance moved in front of him. Dont trouble yourself, he said peremptorily. Ill attend to it… . Good-nig ray ban goggles ht. Salveter took the dismissal uneasily but without another word he went upstairs. When he had disappeared round the banisters on the second floor, Vance gently turned the knob, and pushed the museum door open. Below us, on the opposite side of the room, seated at the desk-table near the obelisk, and surrounded by filing-boxes, photographs, and cardboard folders, was Scarlett. His coat and waistcoat were hanging over the back of his chair; a green celluloid shade covered his eyes; and a pen was in his hand,

time in the evening was very much my own. Many a man would, I suppose, have envied me. It is not every day that a first-class physician requires an assistant, and certainly no man could have been more generous and kindly disposed than Sir Bernard himself, even though his character was something of the miser. Yet all of us find some petty shortcomings in the good things of this world, and I was no exception. Sometimes I grumbled, but generally, be it said, without much cause. Truth to tell, a mysterious feeling of insecurity had been gradually creeping upon me through several months; inde ray ban goggles ed ev ray ban goggles er since I had returned from a holiday in Scotland in the spring. I could not define it, not really knowing what had excited the curious apprehensions within me. Nevertheless, I had that night told my

tape. The old boys love-lettersby the look of them. I undid the loop eagerly, and opened the first letter. It was in a feminine hand, and proved a curious, almost unintelligible communication. I glanced at the ray ban goggles signature. My heart ceased its beating, and a sudden cry involuntarily escaped me, although next moment I saw that by it I had betrayed myself, for Ambler Jevons sprang to my side in an instant. But next instant I covered the signature with my hand, grasped the packet swift as thought, and turned upon him defiantly, without uttering a word. Chapter 11 Chapter 11 CONCERNS MY PRIVATE AFFAIRS. What have you found there? inquired Ambler Jevons, quickly interested, and yet surprised at my determination to conceal it from him. Something that con ray ban goggles cerns me, I replied briefly. Concerns you? he

therefore to expose us would be to expose herself at the same time. A woman sometimes acts without forethought. Quite true; but Ethelwynn is not one of those. Shes careful to preserve her own position in the eyes of her lover, knowing quite well that to tell the truth would be to expose her own baseness. A man may overlook many offenc ray ban goggles es in the woman he loves, but this particular one of which she is guilty a man never forgives. His words went deep into my heart. Was not this further proof that the crimefor undoubtedly a crime had been accomplished in that house at Kewhad been committed by the hand of the wo ray ban goggles man I so fondly loved? All was so amazing, so utterly bewildering, that I stood there concealed by the tree, motionless as though turned to stone. There was a motive wanting in it all.

to assist the police. What of him? H ray ban goggles as he continued his activity? I believe so. He has, I understand, discovered a clue. What has he found? demanded the ray ban goggles old man, bending forward in eagerness across the table. He had been devoted to his friend Courtenay, and was constantly inquiring of me whether the police had met with any success. At present he will tell me nothing, I replied. Sir Bernard gave vent to an exclamation of dissatisfaction, observing that he hoped Jevons efforts would meet with success, as it was scandalous that a double tragedy of that character could occur in a civilized community without the truth being revealed and the assassin arrested. Theres no doubt that the tragedy was a double one, I observed. Although the jury have returned a verdict of ‘Found Drowned in the widows

been glad to sell the mangy old monkey for ten shillings. Now Ho! e does, does e, he said, then two pun tens my price. Hes not got his fellow tha ray ban goggles t monkey aint, nor yet his match, not this side of the equator, which he comes from. And the only one ever seen in London. Ought to be in the Zoo. Two pun ten, down on the nail, or hout you goes! The children looked at each othertwenty-three shillings and five-pence was all they had in the world, and ray ban goggles it would have been merely three and fivepence, but for the sovereign which Father had given to them between them at parting. Weve only twenty-three shillings and fivepence, said Cyril, rattling the money in his pocket. Twenty-three farthings and somebodys own cheek, said the dealer, for he did not believe that Cyril had so much money. There was a

for ever! gives audience today three hours after sunrisin ray ban goggles g. But what are we to do till the end of the three hours? asked Cyril. The gatekeeper seemed neither to know nor to care. He appeared less interested in them than they could have thought possible. But the man who had crossed spears with him to bar the childrens way was more human. Let them go in and look about them, he said. Ill wager my best sword ray ban goggles theyve never seen anything to come near our littlevillage. He said it in the tone people use for when they call the Atlantic Ocean the herring pond. The gatekeeper hesitated. Theyre only children, after all, said the other, who had children of his own. Let me off for a few minutes, Captain, and Ill take them to my place and see if my good woman cant fit them up in something a little less