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flared up, but on meeting Vances steady gaze, subsided. That is, I dont see how it could be possible, she ended weakly. Im probably wrong, Vance ray ban 52mm aviator murmured. But tell me, Mrs. Bliss: did you return to the breakfast-room this morning for another cup of coffee, after you and Mr. Salveter had gone up-stairs? II… . She took a deep breath. Yes! … Was there any crime in that? Did you meet Hani there? After a brief hesitation she answered: No. He was in his roomill… . I sent him his coffee. Heath grunted disgustedly. A lot were finding out, he growled. Quite right, Sergeant, Vance agreed pleasantly. An amazin amount. Mrs. Bliss is helpin us no end. He turned to the woman again. You know, of course, who ki ray ban 52mm aviator lled Mr. Kyle? he asked blandly. Yes… . I know! The words were spoken with impulsive venom.

book, I understand, was in his desk. Thats rightBut why this cross-examination about a memorandum-book? That dagger, Vance explained, was also kept in one of the drawers of the doctors desk. Salveter leapt to his feet. I see! His face was livid. Oh, but you dont, Vance mildly assured him. And Id appreciate it immensely if youd try to be calm. Your vitality positively exhausts me.Tell me, did you lock your bedroom door to-night? I always lock it at night. And during the day? I leave it opento air the room. And you heard nothing to-night after retiring? Nothing at all. I went to sleep quicklythe reaction, I suppose. Vance rose. One other thing: where did the family have dinner to-night? In the b ray ban 52mm aviator reakfast-room. It could hardly be called dinner, though. No one was hungry. I ray ban 52mm aviator t was more like a

mystery as a hound does a fox, to follow up the ray ban 52mm aviator trail with energy unflagging, and seize opportunities without hesitation; he must possess a cool presence of mind, and above all be able to calmly distinguish the facts which are of importance in the strengthening of the clue from those that are merely superfluous. All these, besides other qualities, are necessary for the successful p ray ban 52mm aviator enetration of criminal mysteries; hence it is that the average amateur, who takes up the hobby without any natural instinct, is invariably a blunderer. Ambler Jevons, blender of teas and investigator of mysteries, was lolling back in my armchair, his dreamy eyes half-closed, smoking on in silence. Myself, I was thirty-three, and I fear not much of an ornament to the medical profession. True, at Edinburgh I had

very much like to see you. Do you know why he wants to see me? It appears, sir, that one of the witnesses who gave evidence this morning is missing. Missing! he cried, pri ray ban 52mm aviator cking up his ears. Whos missing? The manservant, sir. My sergeant told me an hour ago that as soon as the man had given evidence he went out, and was seen hurrying towards Gunnersbury Station. They believe hes absconded. I ray ban 52mm aviator exchanged significant glances with my companion, but neither of us uttered a word. Ambler gave vent to his habitual grunt of dissatisfaction, and then led the way upstairs. The body had been removed from the room in which it had been found, and the bed was dismantled. When inside the apartment, he turned to me calmly, saying: There seems something in Thorpes theory regarding that fellow Short, after all.

on the first and fifteenth day of every month as we arranged. As soon as I find myself in a position of safety we will disappear together, and you will leave the world wondering at the second mystery following upon the first. In how long a time do you anticipate? she asked, looking earnestly into his eyes. A few months at most, was his ray ban 52mm aviator answer. If it were possible you should return to me at once; but you know how strange and romantic is my life, compelled to disguise my personality, and for ever moving from place to place, like the Wandering Jew. To return to me at present ray ban 52mm aviator is quite impossible. Besidesyou are in the hands of the executors; and before long must be in evidence in order to receive my money. Money is useless to me without happiness, she declared, in a voice of complaint. My

declined ray ban 52mm aviator to allow me to accompany him. This disappointed me. I was eager to pursue the clue, but no amount of persuasion on my part would induce him to alter his decision. At present I must continue alone, old fellow, he answered kindly. It is best, after all. Later on I may want your help. The facts Ive told you are of importance, I suppose? Of the greatest importance, he responded. I begin to see light through the veil. But if what I suspect is correct, then the affair will be found to be absolutely astounding. Of that Im certain, I said. When will you come in and spend an hour? As soon as ever I can spare time, he answered. To-morrow ray ban 52mm aviator , or next day, perhaps. At present I have a very difficult task before me. Good-bye for the present. And hailing a hansom he jumped in and drove away, being

things. Then say, What do you want for that monkey thats lost its tailthe mangy old thing in the third hutch from the end. Ohdont mind MY feelingscall me a mangy monkeyIve tried hard enough to look like one! I ray ban 52mm aviator dont think hell put a high price on meIve bitten him eleven times since I came here the day before yesterday. If he names a bigger price than you can afford, say you wish you had the money. But you cant give us wishes. Ive promised never to have another wish from you, ray ban 52mm aviator said the bewildered Cyril. Dont be a silly little idiot, said the Sand-fairy in trembling but affectionate tones, but find out how much money youve got between you, and do exactly what I tell you. Cyril, pointing a stiff and unmeaning finger at the white rat, so as to pretend that its charms alone employed his tongue,

Whats all that greygreen stuff you see away over there, where its all flat and sandy? All right, said Cyril loftily, I dont want to tell you anything. I only thought youd like to know a palm-tree when ray ban 52mm aviator you saw it again. Look! cried Anthea; theyre opening the gates. And indeed the great gates swung back with a brazen clang, and instantly a ray ban 52mm aviator little crowd of a dozen or more people came out and along the road towards them. The children, with one accord, crouched behind the tamarisk hedge. I dont like the sound of those gates, said Jane. Fancy being inside when they shut. Youd never get out. Youve got an arch of your own to go out by, the Psammead put its head out of the basket to remind her. Dont behave so like a girl. If I were you I should just march right into the town and ask to see the king.