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told to wait for you, sir. Doctor Bliss came down-stairs to my room Where is your room, Brush? In the basement, at the rear, just off the kitchen. Very good. Go on. Well, sir, Doctor Bliss came to my room about half an hour ago. He seemed very much upset, and frightenedif you know what I mean. He told me to wait at the front door for you gentlementhat youd arrive any minute. And he instructed me to make no noise and also to warn you Then he went up-stairs? At once, s ray ban kalispell ir. Where is Doctor Bliss ray ban kalispell s room? Its the rear door on the second floor, just at the head of the stairs. The forward door is the mistresss bedchamber. Vance released the mans arm. Did you hear any disturbance to-night? None, sir. Everything has been quiet. Every one retired early, and I myself went to bed before eleven. You may

was pretending some one had fed him knock-out drops, but if the bird he was aiming at couldnt have fed him the drops, his plot would have gone blooey… . But look here, Mr. Vance;he suddenly remembered somethingwhat was the idea of the docs trying to escape? It was a perfectly logical result of what had gone before, Vance explained. After we had refused to arrest him, he began to worry. Y see, he yearned to be arrested; and we disappoin ray ban kalispell ted him frightfully. Sittin in his room, he got to planning. How could he make us re-order his arrest and thus give him the chance to point out all the evidences of Salveters heinous plot against him? He decided to attempt an esca ray ban kalispell pe. That gesture, he figured, would surely revive suspicion against him. So he simply went out, drew his money openly from the

crime, I remarked. If we could only discover it, we might perhaps fix upon the assassin. Yes, he e ray ban kalispell xclaimed, thoughtfully. But to tell the truth, Ralph, old chap, the fact which is puzzling me most of all at this moment is that extraordinary foreboding of evil which you confessed to me the day before yesterday. You had your suspicions aroused, somehow. C ray ban kalispell udgel your brains, and think what induced that very curious presage of evil. Ive tried and tried over again, but I can fix on nothing. Only yesterday afternoon, when Sir Bernard incidentally mentioned old Mr. Courtenay, it suddenly occurred to me that the curious excitement within me had some connection with him. Of course he was a patient, and I may have studied his case and given a lot of thought to it, but that wouldnt account for such an

reply, she added: You ray ban kalispell will meet her at dinner. I shall not let her know you are here. Then you can judge for yourself. The situation was becoming more complicated. Since the conclusion of the inquest I had seen nothing of the widow. She had stayed several days with Ethelwynn at the Hennikers, then had visited her aunt near Bath. That was all I knew of her movements, for, truth to tell, I held her in some contempt for her giddy pleasure-seeking duri ray ban kalispell ng her husbands illness. Surely a woman who had a single spark of affection for the man she had married could not go out each night to theatres and supper parties, leaving him to the care of his man and a nurse. That one fact alone proved that her professions of love had been hollow and false. While the twilight fell I sat in that long, sombre

sorrowfully, saying: Poor Miss Marys never been the same since her husband died, Doctor. She ray ban kalispell was often very strange in her ray ban kalispell manner. Between ourselves, I strongly suspect it to be a case of deliberate suicide. She was utterly broken down by the awful blow. I dont see any motive for suicide, I remarked. Then I asked, Has she ever been known to meet anyone on the river-bank at night? Old Parkinson was usually an impenetrable person. He fidgeted, and I saw that my question was an awkward one for him to answer without telling a lie. The truth will have to be discovered about this, you know, I went on. Therefore, if you have any knowledge likely to assist us at the inquest it is your duty to explain. Well, sir, he answered, after a short pause, to tell the truth, in this last week there have been

lips by a statement made before witnessesis that you were the instigator of the crime. You met her by appointment that night at Kew Bridge. You opened the d ray ban kalispell oor ray ban kalispell of the house for her, and you compelled her to go in and commit the deed. Although demented, she recollected it all in her saner moments. You told her terrible stories of old Mr. Courtenay, for whom you had feigned such friendship, and for weeks you urged her to kill him secretly until, in the frenzy of insanity to which you had brought her, she carried out your design with all that careful ingenuity that is so often characteristic of madness. You lie, woman! the old man snapped. I had nothing whatever to do with the affair! I was at home at Hove on that night. No! no! you were not, interrupted Jevons. Your memory requires

her lip and tried to decide not to cry. Robert felt in his pocket for a toy pistol and loaded it with a pink paper cap. It was his only weapon. Cyril tightened his belt two holes. And Anthea ray ban kalispell absently took the drooping red roses from the buttonholes of the others, bit the ends of the stalks, and set them in a pot of water that stood in the shadow by a hut door. She was always rather silly about flowers. Look here! she said. I think perhaps the Psammead is really arranging something for us. I dont believe it would go away and leave us all alone in the Past. Im certain it wouldnt. Jane succeeded in deciding not to cryat any rate yet. But what can we do? Robert asked. Nothing, Cyril answered promptly, except keep our eyes and ears open. Look! That runner chaps getti ray ban kalispell ng his wind. Lets go and

I dozed for a few moments this afternoon, a thing I very rarely do, and I dreamed quite distinctly that you brought me a ring that you said belonged to the Queen of Babylon, and that I lent you a sovereign and that you left one of the Queens rings here. The ring was a magnificent specimen. He sighed. I wish it hadnt been a dream, he said smiling. He was really learning to smile quite nicely. Anthea could not be too thankful that the Psammead ray ban kalispell was not there to grant his wish. Chapter 9 Chapter 9 ATLANTIS You will understand that the adventure of the Babylonian queen in London was the only one that had occupied any time at all. But the childrens time was very fully taken up by talking over all the wonderful things s ray ban kalispell een and done in the Past, where, by the power of the Amulet, they seemed to