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Were not attemptin just now to connect any one with this episode. Vance interrupted. Were merely tryin to accumulate all the information possible… . However, you must admit, doctor, Vance added, that young Mr. Salveter ishow shall I put it?rath ray ban wayfarer women er interested in Mrs. Bliss Whats that? Bliss stiffened and glared at Vance ferociously. How dare you intimate such a thing? My wife, sir No one has criticised Mrs. Bliss, Vance said mildly. And one A.M. is hardly the time for indignant pyrotechnics. Bliss sank into his chair ray ban wayfarer women and covered his face with his hands. It may be true, he conceded in a despairing voice. Im too old for hertoo much absorbed in my work… . But that doesnt mean that the boy would attempt to kill me. Perhaps not. Vance spoke indifferently. But who, then, do you suspect of

car, which he keeps parked in the street outside,you recall that he offered to drive Salveter to the station… . But the letter? Cant you see how everything fitted? The attack on Scarlett ray ban wayfarer women took place between eight and eight-thirty. Salveter was probably up-stairs bidding adieu to Mrs. Bliss. At any rate, he was in t ray ban wayfarer women he house, and therefore could have been Scarletts murderer. In order to make it appear that Salveter was actually the murderer of Scarlett Bliss crumpled up the forged telltale letter and stuck in it Scarletts pocket. He wanted to make it appear that Scarlett had come to the house to-night to confront Salveter, had mentioned the letter hed found in the desk-table drawer, and had been killed by Salveter. But why wouldnt Salveter have taken the letter? The assumption would have

They appear to overlook the fact that a window in the conservatory was undoubtedly left open, he added. Well? I asked, noticing that he was gazing at me strangely, full in the face. Well, has it not occurred to you that that window might have been purposely left open? You mean that the assassin entered and left by that window? I mean to suggest that the murder might have been connived at by o ray ban wayfarer women ne of the household, if the ma ray ban wayfarer women n we suspect were not the actual assassin himself. The theory was a curious one, but I saw that there were considerable grounds for it. As in many suburban houses, the conservatory joined the drawing-room, an unlocked glass door being between them. The window that had been left unfastened was situated at the further end, and being low down was in such a position that any

solicitude for her daughters welfare, Mrs. Mivart had slightl ray ban wayfarer women y exaggerated Marys symptoms. They certainly were not those of a woman plunged in inconsolable grief, for she was neither mopish nor artificially gay. As far as I could detect, not even a single sigh escaped her. She inquired of Ethelwynn and of the Hennikers, remarking that she had seen nothing of them for over three weeks; and then, when the servants had left the room, she placed her elbows upon the table, at the risk of a breach of good manners, and resting her chin upon her hands, looked me full in the face, saying: Now, tell me the truth, Doctor. What has been discovered regarding my poor husbands death ray ban wayfarer women ? Have the police obtained any clue to the assassin? Nonenone whatever, I regret to say, was my response. They are

utterly impossible. I merely argued logically within myself that it could not possibly be a case of suicide, for without a doubt she had met clandestinely the eccentric old man whom the world believe ray ban wayfarer women d to be dead. But if he were alive, who was the man who had died at Kew? The facts within my knowledge were important and startling; yet if I related them to any second person I felt that my words would be scouted as improbable, and my allegations would certainly not be accepted. Therefore I still kept my own counsel, longing to meet Jevons and hear the result of his further inquiries. Mrs. Mivart I found seated in her own room, tearful and utterly crushed. Poor Marys end had come upon her as an overwhelming burden of grief, and I stood beside her full ray ban wayfarer women of heartfelt sympathy. A strong bond of

ever been her enemy, just as he had been mine. He had uttered those libellous hints regarding her with a view to parting us, so as to give him greater freedom to work his will with poor Mary. Then, when he had feared that through my love I had obtained knowledge of his dastardly offence, he had made an attempt upon my life by means of hired ruffians. The woman who had been in his drawing-room at Hove on the occasion of my visit was Mary, as I afterwards found out, and the attractive young person in the Brighton train had also been a caller at his house in connection with the attempt planned to be made upon me. Youyou intend ray ban wayfarer women to arrest me? Sir Bernard gasped at last, with some difficulty, his brow like ivory beneath t ray ban wayfarer women he tight-drawn skin. A change had come over him, and he was standing with

treasure when the fighting began. And now they looked about them and were able to see exactly how a first-class worker in flint flakes and notches an arrow-head or the edge of an axean advantage which no other person now alive has ever enjoyed. The boys found the weapons most interesting. The arrow-he ray ban wayfarer women ads were not on arrows such as you shoot from a bow, but on javelins, for throwing from the hand. The chief weapon was a stone fastened to a rather short stick something like the things gentlemen used to carry about and call life-preservers in the days of the garrotters. Then there were long th ray ban wayfarer women ings like spears or lances, with flint kniveshorribly sharpand flint battle-axes. Everyone in the village was so busy that the place was like an ant-heap when you have walked into it by accident. The

This was how it was that the learned gentleman, permitting himself a few moments of relaxation in his chair, after the fatigue of listening to opinions about Atlantis and many other things with which he did not at all agree, opened his eyes ray ban wayfarer women to find his four young friends standing in front of him in a row. Will you come, said Anthea, to Atlantis with us? To ray ban wayfarer women know that you are dreaming shows that the dream is nearly at an end, he told himself; or perhaps its only a game, like How many miles to Babylon?. So he said aloud: Thank you very much, but I have only a quarter of an hour to spare. It doesnt take any time, said Cyril; time is only a mode of thought, you know, and youve got to go some time, so why not with us? Very well, said the learned gentleman, now quite certain that he was dreaming.