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join us, Hani. Chapter 18 Chapter 18 A LIGHT IN THE MUSEUM Saturday, July 14; 1:15 A.M. Hani joined us in the drawing room. He was very calm and dignified, and his inscrutable eyes rested impassively on Vance like those of an ancient Egyptian priest meditating before the shrine of Osiris. How do you happen to be up and about at this hour? Vance asked casually. Another attack of gastritis? No, effendi. Hani spoke in slow, measured tones. I rose when I heard you talking to Brush. I sleep with my door open alway ray ban clubmaster s. Perhaps, then, you heard Sakhmet when she returned to the house tonight. Did Sakhmet return? The Egyptian lifted his head ray ban clubmaster slightly in mild interest. In a manner of speaking… . But shes a most inefficient deity. She bungled everything again. Are you sure she did not intentionally

with serious deliberation, you know, as well as I, that Bliss is outside the law, and that theres no human way to convict him. The only means by which he can be brought to book is trickery. Trickery? Markham was momentarily indignant. Oh, nothing reprehensible, Vance answered lightly, taking out another cigarette. Consider, Markham… . And he launched out into a detailed recapitulation of the case. I could not understand the object of his wordy repetitions, for they seemed to have little bearing on the crucial point at ray ban clubmaster issue. And Markh ray ban clubmaster am, also, was puzzled. Several times he attempted to interrupt, but Vance held up his hand imperatively and continued with his résumé. After ten minutes Markham refused to be silenced. Come to the point, Vance, he said somewhat angrily. Youve gone over all

The instrument with which the crime had been committed by striking betwe ray ban clubmaster en the ribs had penetrated to the heart with an unerring precision, making a terrible w ray ban clubmaster ound eight times the size within, as compared with the exterior puncture. And yet the weapon had been withdrawn, and was missing! For fully an hour we measured and discussed the strange discovery, hoping all the time that Sir Bernard would arrive. The knife which the man Short confessed he had taken down in self-defence we compared with the exterior wound and found, as we anticipated, that just such a wound could be caused by it. But the fact that the exterior cut was cleanly done, while the internal injuries were jagged and the tissues torn in a most terrible manner, caused a doubt to arise whether the Indian knife, which was double-

few hours before, while her husband, grey-faced and serious, just as he had been before his last illness, had her arm linked in his, and walked with her, whispering some low indistinct words which brought to her lips a smile of perfect felicity. Now had I been a superstitious man I should have promptly declared the whole thing ray ban clubmaster to have been an apparition. But as I do not believe in borderland theories, ray ban clubmaster any more than I believe that a man whose heart is nearly cut in twain can again breathe and live, I could only stand aghast, bewildered and utterly dumfounded. Hidden from them by a low thorn-bush, I stood in silent stupefaction as they passed by. That it was no chimera of the imagination was proved by the fact that their footsteps sounded upon the path, and just as they had passed I heard

Unfortunately, she answered, I am not aware of the truth. But you are in possession of certain strange factseh? That I am in possession of facts that lead me to certain conclusions, is the truth. But the clue is wanting. I have been seeking for it through all these months, but without success. Cannot we act in accord in this matter, dearest? May I not be acquainted with the facts which, with your intimate knowledge of the Courtenay household, you were fully acquainted with at the time of the tragedy? I urged. No, Ralph, she replied, shaking her head, and at the same time pressing my hand. I cannot yet tell you anythin ray ban clubmaster g. Then you have no confidence in me? I asked reproachfully. It is not a question of confidence, but one of honour, she replied. But you will at least satis ray ban clubmaster fy my curiosity

treasures would have left the children in despair, but for the splendid hope of their next holiday in the country. The world, they felt, and indeed had some reason to feel, was full of wonderful thingsand they were really the sort of people that wonderful things happen to. ray ban clubmaster So they looked forward to the summer holiday; but when it came everything was different, and very, very horrid. Father had to go out to Manchuria to telegraph news about the war to the tiresome paper he wrote forthe Daily Bel-lower, ray ban clubmaster or something like that, was its name. And Mother, poor dear Mother, was away in Madeira, because she had been very ill. And The LambI mean the babywas with her. And Aunt Emma, who was Mothers sister, had suddenly married Uncle Reginald, who was Fathers brother, and they had gone to China,

whole adventure, beginning with This afternoon we found ourselves ray ban clubmaster on the bank of the River Nile, and ending up with, And then we remembered how to get back, and there we were in Regents Park, and it hadnt taken any time at all. She did not tell anything about the charm ray ban clubmaster or the Psammead, because that was forbidden, but the story was quite wonderful enough even as it was to entrance the learned gentleman. You are a most unusual little girl, he said. Who tells you all these things? No one, said Anthea, they just happen. Make-believe, he said slowly, as one who recalls and pronounces a long-forgotten word. He sat long after she had left him. At last he roused himself with a start. I really must take a holiday, he said; my nerves must be all out of order. I actually have a perfectly distinct

High Ji-jimmy. In an inner courtyard stood the Templeall of silver, with gold pinnacles and doors, and twenty enormous statues in bright gold of men and women. Also an immense pillar of the other precious yellow metal. They went through the doors, and the priest led them up a stair into a gallery from which they could look down on to the glorious place. The ten Kings are even now choosing the bull. It is not lawful for me to behold, said the pries ray ban clubmaster t, and fell face downward on the floor outside the gallery. The children looked down. The roof was of ivory adorned with the three prec ray ban clubmaster ious metals, and the walls were lined with the favourite oricalchum. At the far end of the Temple was a statue group, the like of which no one living has ever seen. It was of gold, and the head of the chief figure