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for corroboration. Vance, while courteous, spoke with somewhat pointed significance. Lookin rx ray ban sunglasses at the matter coldly, the police might argue that the sudden demise of Mr. Kyle would remove a thorn from Hanis side and end the so-called desecration of his ancestors tombs. Then again, the police might hold that Mr. Kyles death would enrich both you and Mr. Salveter. I expected the woman to resent this remark of Vances, but she only glanced up with a frigid smile and said in a dispassionate tone: Yes, I do believe there was a will naming Mr. Salveter and myself as the principal beneficiaries. Mr. Scarlett informed us to that effect, Vance returned. Quite understandable, dont y know… . And by the by, would you be willing to rx ray ban sunglasses use your inheritance to perpetuate Doctor Blisss work in Egypt? Certainly,

da. Leiltak sa.da wemubaraka. The man bowed and departed. Vance picked up the sheath and, taking the dagger from Salveter, rx ray ban sunglasses fitted the blade into its holder, looking at the gold embossing critically. Aegean influence, he murmured. Pretty, but too fussy. These ornate floral devices of the Eighteenth Dynasty bear the same relation to early Egyptian art that the Byzantine ginger-bread does to the simple Greek orders. He held the sheath closer to his monocle. And, by the by, heres a decoration that may interest you, Mr. Salveter. T rx ray ban sunglasses he formal scrolls terminate in a jackals head. An.pu, eh? Hanis given name. Thats curious. Salveter rose and looked at the design. And another point might be considered, Mr. Vance, he went on, after a pause. These lower-class Copts are, for all their superficial

nonplussed me. I had suspicionsdistinct suspicionsthat certain persons surrounding me were acting in accord towards some sinister end, but which rx ray ban sunglasses of those persons were culpable I certainly could not determine. It was that very circumstance which was puzzling me to the point of distraction. Ah! I replied. Thats the worst of it. I know that the whole affair seems quite absurd, but I mu rx ray ban sunglasses st admit that I cant fix suspicion upon anyone in particular. Jevons laughed outright. In that case, my dear Boyd, you ought really to see the folly of the thing. Perhaps I ought, but I dont, I answered, facing him with my back to the fire. To you, my most intimate friend, Ive explained, in strictest confidence, the matter which is puzzling me. I live in hourly dread of some catastrophe the nature of which Im

held, and we had no desire to be interrupted, for during t rx ray ban sunglasses he inquiry he had passed me a scrap of paper upon which he had written an earnest request to see me alone afterwards. Therefore when I had put Ethelwynn into a cab, and had bade farewell to Sir Bernard and received certain private instructions from him, we walked together into the narrow, rat rx ray ban sunglasses her dirty High Street of Brentford, the county town of Middlesex. The inn we entered was close to a soap works, the odour from which was not conducive to a good appetite, but we obtained a room to ourselves and ate our meal of cold beef almost in silence. I was up early this morning, Ambler observed at last. I was at Kew at eight oclock. Why? In the night an idea struck me, and when such ideas occur I always seek to put them promptly into action.

the fiction of rx ray ban sunglasses mourning with the greatest assiduity. I recollected what old Mrs. Mivart had told me of her daught rx ray ban sunglasses ers erratic movements; of her short mysterious absences with her dressing-bag and without a maid. It was evident that she made flying visits in various directions in order to meet her dead husband. Courtenay spoke again, after a brief silence, saying: I had no idea that the doctor was down here, or I should have kept away. To be seen by him would expose the whole affair. I was quite ignorant of his visit until I went in to dinner and found him already seated at table, she answered. But he will leave to-morrow. He said to-night that to remain away from his patients for a single day was very difficult. Is he down here in pursuance of his inquiries, do you think? suggested her

should be aware of each others discoveries. We had both pursued independent inquiries into the Seven Secrets until that moment, and it was now high time we compared results. Well, Jevons, I exclaimed, hesitatingly, at last, I have during the week elucidated one fact, a fact so strange that, when I tell you, I know you will declare that rx ray ban sunglasses I was dreaming. I myself cannot account for it in the least. But that I was witness of it I will vouch. The mys rx ray ban sunglasses tery is a remarkable one, but what Ive discovered adds to its inscrutability. Tell me, he urged quickly, halting and turning to me in eagerness. What have you found out? Listen! I said. Hear me through, until you discredit my story. Then, just as I have already written down the strange incidents in the foregoing chapters, I related to him everything

legs. Its worse when they have too many, said Jane with a shudder, think of centipede rx ray ban sunglasses s! They stood there on the pavement, a cause of some inconvenience to the passersby, and thus beguiled the time with conversation. Cyril was leaning his elbow on the top of a hutch that had seemed empty when they had inspected the whole edifice of hutches one by on rx ray ban sunglasses e, and he was trying to reawaken the interest of a hedgehog that had curled itself into a ball earlier in the interview, when a small, soft voice just below his elbow said, quietly, plainly and quite unmistakablynot in any squeak or whine that had to be translatedbut in downright common English Buy medoplease buy me! Cyril started as though he had been pinched, and jumped a yard away from the hutch. Come backoh, come back! said the voice, rather

of such trees, all white-flowered and green-foliaged. Among the long gree rx ray ban sunglasses n grass under their feet grew crocuses and lilies, and strange blue flowers. In the branches overhead thrushes and blackbirds were singing, and the coo of a pigeon came softly to them in the green quietness of the orchard. Oh, how perfectly lovely! cried Anthea. Why, its like home exactlyI mean Englandonly everythings bluer, and whiter, and greener, and the flowers are bigger. The boys owned that it certainly was fairly decent, and even Jane admitted that it was all very pretty. Im certain theres nothing t rx ray ban sunglasses o be frightened of here, said Anthea. I dont know, said Jane. I suppose the fruit-trees go on just the same even when people are killing each other. I didnt half like what the learned gentleman said about the hanging