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she replied with unmistakable emphasis. If he asked me to help him, the money would be his to do with as he desired… . Especially now, she added. Vances face had grown cold and stern, and after a quic who owns ray ban sunglasses k upward glance he dropped his eyes and contemplated his cigarette. Markham rose at this moment. Who, Mrs. who owns ray ban sunglasses Bliss, he asked, with what I regarded as unnecessary aggression, would have had an object in attempting to saddle your husband with this crime? The womans gaze faltered, but only momentarily. Im sure I dont know, she returned. Did some one really try to do that? You suggested as much yourself, madam, when the scarab pin was called to your attention. You said quite positively that some one had placed it beside Mr. Kyles body. What if I did? She became suddenly defiant. My initial instinct

Christian veneer, highly superstitious. Their minds run along one traditional groove: they like to fit everything to a preconceived symbolism. There have been nine more or less coincidental deaths of late among those connected with the excavations in Egypt, 27 who owns ray ban sunglasses and the natives ridiculously imagine that the afr.ts of their ancestors lay in ambush in the various tombs to mow down the western intruders, as a kind of punitive measure. They actually believe in such malefic forces… . And here is Hani, at bottom a superstitious Egyptian, who resents the work of Doctor Bl who owns ray ban sunglasses iss:is it not possible he might consider the death of the doctor by a dagger once worn by a Pharaoh as a sort of mystical retribution in line with all these other irrational ghost stories? And Hani might even regard the jackals

utter who owns ray ban sunglasses ly at a loss to determine. Can you define intuition? My question hel who owns ray ban sunglasses d him in pensive silence. His manner changed as he looked me straight in the face. Unlike his usual careless selffor his was a curious character of the semi-Bohemian order and Savage Club typehe grew serious and thoughtful, regarding me with critical gaze after removing his pipe from his lips. Well, he exclaimed at last. Ill tell you what it is, Boyd. This intuition, or whatever you may call it, is an infernally bad thing for you. Im your friendone of your best and most devoted friends, old chapand if theres anything in it, Ill render you whatever help I can. Thank you, Ambler, I said gratefully, taking his hand. I have told you all this to-night in order to enlist your sympathy, although I scarcely liked to ask your

What was the idea? I asked. I thought about that safe in the old mans bedroom, he replied, laying down his knife and fork and looking at me. who owns ray ban sunglasses What about it? Theres surely nothing extraordinary in a man having a safe in his room? No. But theres something extraordinary in the key of that safe being missing, he said. Thorpe has apparently overlooked the point; therefore this morning I went down to Kew, and finding only a who owns ray ban sunglasses constable in charge, I made a thorough search through the place. In the dead mans room I naturally expected to find it, and after nearly a couple of hours searching in every nook and every crack I succeeded. It was hidden in the mould of a small pot-fern, standing in the corridor outside the room. You examined the safe, then? No, I didnt. There might be money and valuables

husband. He may be. Mother evidently knew of his impending arrival, but told me nothing. I was annoyed, for he was the very last person I wished to meet. Well, hell go in the morning, so we have nothing to fear. Hes safe enough in bed, and sl who owns ray ban sunglasses eeping soundlyconfound him! The temptation was great to res who owns ray ban sunglasses pond aloud to the compliment; but I refrained, laughing within myself at the valuable information I was obtaining. Chapter 18 Chapter 18 WORDS OF THE DEAD. Justice is always vigilantit stops not to weigh causes or motives, but overtakes the criminal, no matter whether his deeds be the suggestion of malice or the consequence of provoked revenge. I was all eagerness to face the pair in the full light and demand an explanation, yet I hesitated, fearing lest precipitation might prevent me gaining

that had occurred since the last evening he sat smoking with me in Harley Place. He heard me in silence, the movements of hi who owns ray ban sunglasses s face at one moment betraying satisfaction, and at the next bewilderment. Once or twice he grunted, as though dissatisfied, until I came to the midnight incident beside the river, and explained how I had watched and what I had witnessed. What? he cried, starting in sudden astonishment. You actually saw him? You recognised Henry Courtenay! Yes. He was walking with his wife, sometimes arm-in-arm. He did not reply, but stood in silence in the centre of the road, dra who owns ray ban sunglasses wing a geometrical design in the dust with the ferrule of his stick. It was his habit when thinking deeply. I watched his dark countenancethat of a man whose whole thought and energy were centred upon one

louder but still softly; stoop down and pretend to be tying up your bootlaceI see its undone, as usual. Cyril mechanically obeyed. He knelt on one knee on the dry, hot dusty pavement, peered into the darkness of the hutch and found himself face to face withthe Psammead! It seemed much thinner than when he had last seen it. It was dusty and dirty, and its fur was untidy and ragge who owns ray ban sunglasses d. It had hunched who owns ray ban sunglasses itself up into a miserable lump, and its long snails eyes were drawn in quite tight so that they hardly showed at all. Listen, said the Psammead, in a voice that sounded as though it would begin to cry in a minute, I dont think the creature who keeps this shop will ask a very high price for me. Ive bitten him more than once, and Ive made myself look as common as I can. Hes never had a glance from

gardens. I suppose they have gardens on purpose to hang people in. I do hope this isnt one. Of course it isnt, said Cyril. The hanging gar who owns ray ban sunglasses dens are just gardens hung upI think on chains between houses, dont you know, like trays. Come on; lets get somewhere. They began to walk through the cool grass. As far as they could see was nothing but trees, and trees and more trees. At the end of their orchard was another one, only separated from theirs by a little stream of clear water. They jumped this, and went on. Cyril who owns ray ban sunglasses , who was fond of gardeningwhich meant that he liked to watch the gardener at workwas able to command the respect of the others by telling them the names of a good many trees. There were nut-trees and almond-trees, and apricots, and fig-trees with their big five-fingered leaves. And